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  1. Sup guys, this is bugging the crap out of me. Got a rebuilt cluster in my '06 silverado 1500 and only the voltmeter doesnt work. On the plug, im getting voltage to the orange B11 and pink wire B9. I've tried the cluster in my neighbors '03 and it works fine. I reached out to the supplier and they said as long as it worked in the '03, its good. I've tried to bench the cluster. When I probe B11 pin, the voltmeter guage will glitch and move slightly to rest at the 9. When I probe B9 and B11 simultaneously, it does the same cycle and the batt light comes on.
  2. This may had been the wrong section. I posted this elsewhere.
  3. On this truck I recently purchased. I like the right height but it's lowered incorrectly with either a chopped or incorrect spring. The frame is barely touching the lower control arm bumpers. What spring and spindle combination could be used to retain this stance and regain my travel? I'd like lose the bucking bronco. Thanks.
  4. 12ga pump here. Never had to use it but I hope the sound of a shell being loaded will deter anyone before I have to shoot. Other than that, i just have a couple Marlins, Benjamin, Arisaka, swords and a bat! lol.
  5. Thanks Bulldog. I'm trying to finish the '85 because I'm dying to start back on the '51.
  6. I have an '06 Silverado for a commuter. I have a few other trucks. My skill set is pre EFI which makes me feel old but not quite old yet. I have (all currently not running) an '85 LWB 406/NV4500, '71 C10 402/TH400 and a '51 3100 (have an LQ4/4L80 for it but may not want an auto). Basically I have one good running truck and a few projects and got my first post out of the way. I don't have a pic of the '71 on me but its for the best. Not photogenic at the moment.
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