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  1. I'm kind of in your situation. I was trying to decide between 19 Sierra Denali and 19 Ram 1500 Limited. I have a 2015 Sierra Denali 6.2 right now. I came to hate it. Torque converter had to be replaced at 70K miles SXM antenna replaced 2 TPMS sensors quit working 8 speed can't decide what gear it wants to be in and will sometimes downshift quite harshly and clunk Noticeable delay after shifting from P to D or R Too many interior rattles/squeaks to count Rides like a lumber wagon. Some bumps are almost painful. Abysmal lighting. Infotainment system is so terribly slow and laggy. I "upgraded" to 2018 radio and HMI module to get Android Auto. It's a little better than my original 15 radio, but still terrible. I was dead set on staying with GM and getting a 19 Sierra Denali. I've been GM all my life, save for a Grand Cherokee I had for 2 months. The HUD and tailgate were my main reasons for wanting a Sierra. Ram wasn't on my radar. By chance, I stumbled on to a picture of the Limited interior. I'm into the tech stuff, so I was hooked right away. I test drove 2 different 19 Limiteds. I think they ride and drive like a dream. Everything worked as it should. They ride better than my GMT900 Escalades did. For me: Sierra Denali Pros: HUD, tailgate, exterior styling Cons: Interior, no ACC, GM still behind competition Ram 1500 Limited Pros: Ride quality, air suspension, tech, RamBox, 12" screen Cons: Reliability (??) For reliability, ehh. Everything breaks at some point. 2 out of my 6 GM vehicles have left me stranded. I've had at least minor issues with every one of them. It's going to happen. The tech features, RamBox, and ride quality were enough to sway me to Ram for my next vehicle. I've decided I'm going to wait and order a 2020. BTW, on the Ram 12" screen there are hard keys on either side of the screen for heating/AC. You can control every function of heating/AC with hard keys. The heated/cooled seats and heated wheel are the only things you need to use the screen for. Anyway, there's my take on it all. I'm done with GM. K2 was a step backwards in some ways. I don't think T1 is enough to overcome that. My confidence in GM is gone.
  2. That blows my mind. Why not offer power up and down with the Multi Pro? It would be a great match. Weight?
  3. Does the Multi Pro tailgate on the Sierra have power up and down? I see the new Silverado has an available power closing tailgate. I can't find anything about the Sierra. It seems strange not pairing power up and down with the Multi Pro tailgate.
  4. I'll be in the market for a new truck soon. I'm leaning toward a 19 Sierra Denali. I may even wait and get a 20. Have a few questions. 1. How are the headlights? Is the light yellow or white? 2. Are the seatbacks heated all the way up? I had 2 GMT 900 Escalades and the setback was heated the entire way. I have a 15 Sierra Denali now. The seatback is heated only about 3/4 up. Drives me crazy if I lean back and the top of the seat is freezing. 3. How responsive is the infotainment system? My original 15 radio was terribly slow. I upgraded to a radio from an 18 and it's better, but still not great. Thanks.
  5. I didn't read through this post, but I had horrible XM reception in my 2015 Sierra Denali. Any little tree branch, building, anything would cause it to cut out. It was to the point that I couldn't even listen to it while driving on residential streets. I had thr shark fin antenna replaced. It works great now.
  6. I've looked and looked for replacement MagneRide shocks for my 2015 Sierra Denali. I can't seem to find them. Parts diagrams from websites show 84072223 as the part number, but that number is listed as discontinued on every site with no updated part number. Anyone found these shocks?
  7. I turned the same knob. Not 5 seconds after the previous picture was taken. Now it's bringing me to the start of the playlist.
  8. Turning the knob that my hand is on brings up the playlist with the current song selected. This is how it should be.
  9. 2015 Sierra Denali. I replaced my original radio with a radio module and HMI from a 2016 so I can have Android Auto. I have an iPod 6G. So I'm playing a song through my iPod. If I turn the dial around the menu button, tap iPod on the radio screen, or press browse on the touch screen sometimes it takes me to the song that's currently playing and sometimes it takes me to the start of the playlist. Seems random which one I get. With my 2015 radio it always took me to the song that's playing. This is driving me insane. What's going on and how can I make it so the current song always shows up? Current song playing. No idea why it decided to rotate itself, but I am done with technology tonight.
  10. 2015 Sierra Denali. I want to order a new shark fin SiriusXM/Onstar antenna to see if it fixes my spotty reception problem. I thought I found the part number as 23447542, but Amazon claims it doesn't fit my truck. Anyone replace this antenna and can confirm it's the right part number?
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