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  1. Hey guys, I'm just looking for suggestions on what to start checking for this engine noise. Best described as a tap with a squeak happening at about 1/2 of idle speed RPM. I hear it loudest with a stethoscope at the rear top of the engine. Vehicle is completely stock. Never had any engine work done. Oil changes done faithfully and currently using Amsoil SS 0w-20. Yes , i drive a lot and I've had to do just about every repair these vehicles are known for, But never messed with the basic engine. Maybe cam, HP fuel pump?? Thank you.
  2. Hey Guys: New poster here. I have a 2015 Yukon XL Denali 4wd with severe TCC vibration. Vehicle has 83,000 miles on it. It was probably doing it for quite a while, but I had other suspension issues that were masking the bad ride and shuddering. I finally took it in today assuming " powertrain warranty". After test ride and inspection. they say: The torque converter is destroyed and the fluid is black. ( i'm kinda not surprised ). Tries to blame me for it. They say " You didnt change the fluid at 45k miles like the manual says under 'severe' service schedule. I argue that I dont drive under severe conditions and i strictly follow the 'normal' schedule. I do all highway miles. I never tow. always drive at reasonable speeds. the ATF is not scheduled to be changed under that schedule. Long story short, They agree to replace the torque converter and power flush everything under the warranty. Should get it back in a few days. I'll post how everything performs after the repair.
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