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  1. Have them check out. PIT5228 Doc ID 3611273 you can now order the right harness. I feel that you should have let a knowledgeable GM dealer install the initial "whittle"d down harness until this one was available so your truck wouldn't be so useless. I have personally installed one and he's towed 5k miles with no problems at all. just my $.02
  2. You must not have done it right because I have installed a modified harness and it worked fine. At first it did not fit and I figured out that it was because I hadn't cut far enough up when I cut the chunk out. You have to cut pretty far in order for it to click in.
  3. your 2011 didn't Bluetooth audio though, it was only for phone calls.
  4. I think you're going to find it very expensive to add a factory controller. You will probably need a new ebcm, trailer brake relay, wiring harness and probably more. It will not likely be as simple as adding the control part and re programming. I did one on a 2008 and we finally made it work but cost upward of $800 and a lot of time and headache.
  5. See my previous post on which harness you are supposed to use and how to alter it.
  6. The lights are pretty easy to install. The kit comes with the light harness that you plug in behind the bumper near the tail light harness plugs. You pop both tail lights out and run the harnesses behind them and plug them into the lights where you screw them to the bed side.
  7. Here's the directions. It looks like any old (199-2006) brake control harness will work with a little re-wiring and some cutting. Hope this helps! brake controller.pdf brake controller.pdf brake controller.pdf brake controller.pdf
  8. I have installed one. They currently don't have the right harness out but gm has released a bulletin that you take a a harness from a 2004ish Silverado and alter it to fit then plug it in under the dash. I will post the directions tomorrow.
  9. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    What do y'all think about this one ? Tires are nitto terra grappler
  10. I think the interior is awesome. Even in this cloth configuration the seats are real comfortable. The back seat seems quite a bit roomier. I'm 6' and I can set the front seat to max comfort and get in back seat and still have plenty of room between my legs and the back of front seat. It also feels like it has more head room. the headliner is re-designed and it gives the cab quite a bit more room.
  11. All new Victory Red Texas edition 4x4. Let me know if you want pics of anything in particular. This one has the 6.5' bed on it too.
  12. Well said. I was just thinking that some of the guys on here might be cutting their nose off with their comments a couple years down the road when they pick up a nice plain jane truck dirt cheap and want to install factory power windows and locks. Might want to write down that procedure and keep it in your back pocket. Cheers exactly!!!
  13. it wasn't my truck but it was for a guy who had to have that truck and had to have FACTORY power windows and locks. Wasn't expected to get flamed just letting y'all know it could be done. I'm sure as the years go you could pick up a junk yard truck cheaper if you had bought one without pw/pl and watned to add them.
  14. time about 5 hours. Money, I'm not sure lol but ill check. probably close to 2k
  15. well today I did what said could not be done. I added power windows and locks to a 2011 Regular Cab 1/2 ton Chevy. We put new window regulators, door latches, door panels, switches, body wiring and added some wires from drivers fuse box to rh junction block and mbec. It wasn't an easy task and we had to reprogram the BCM with a vin that had pw/pl but it's done and works great. I just wanted to let you guys know that this can be done. It wasn't cheap or easy!!!

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