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  1. I am adding driving lights to the front of my 2013,I want to set it up so I can hit the fog light button and have my driving lights work the same as the original fogs they are replacing, but in reverse, on with high off with low, I also want the light on the dash to come on when the driving lights are on, does anyone know if first I can program the bcm to work in reverse like that, and if I have to use relays, what wire do I tap into to make the fog indicator on the dash light up
  2. Left Front turn LED turn signal only works when the headlights or fog lights are on. The amber LED on the left does not light up when lock or unlock button is hit on the key fob. I have asked at the dealer and they had no clue what it could be without tearing into it. This turn signal is sealed inside the headlight so I am not looking forward to having to replace the whole headlight assembly. For now I just turn on my fog lights while I am driving so that the signal works. Any thoughts or has anyone seen this before.
  3. Is anyone aware of what is required to install factory fog lights into a 2016 & up Base level Sierra 1500 that didn't have them from factory? Will any scrap of wiring be present? The switch is not there... but can one order a switch, the lights and slap it in? Can the BCM be flashed by a dealership if required? I bought an el cheapo that doesn't have fog lights and the blank inserts drive me bonkers already... so I WILL be filling them in with factory fog lights... it would just be nice to know if I can have them work like factory or not. Otherwise I'll wire them up like jobbers and have a jobber switch. Thanks
  4. So i have a Chevy 2500HD 6.0 High Country, and I was driving the other day and went to turn my high beams on and noticed they would not come on. The light in the dash comes on, and I can hear a click under the hood, but nothing. Replaced the fuse under the hood for the high beams, and changed out the bulbs with new ones, still not working. These are not projector headlights, there are individual bulbs for Lows, Highs, and Fog Lights. So when the high beams did not come on I tried my Fog Lights and nothing. Light in the dash comes on, changed the fuse and nothing. Any ideas on what to try next on this issue.
  5. Anyone replace their front bumper and found fog lights that will plug into the OEM harness? Looking for some cube lights.
  6. Recently purchased a 2019 Silverado LD Custom, in Red Hot. I love the truck, but my eye sight requires better road illumination at night. My front bumper is Red Hot steel, without sensors and without driving light cut outs. I'm thinking of keeping an eye out for a used Red Hot OEM bumper with the factory cutout for the driving lights. Two questions - 1) will I simply be able to bolt up the OEM bumper, and plug the OEM diving lights into an already existing plug/harness, that is currently just tucked away and unused because I don't have fog lights and 2) are there good aftermarket driving lights available that don't look "buba"? The design of the front bumper only really has two recesses where they could be mounted, but those recesses are occupied by the tow hooks AND behind the grill looks undoable, since the automatic louvers that close at high speed come pretty close to the back side of the grill when open. Thanks for your thoughts.
  7. Need a little bit of guidance on some wiring I want to do. I bought a heated steering wheel that came with the crash avoidance button along with the heated wheel button. Since my truck doesn't have the crash avoidance, I'd like to make that button activate a light bar. I know I'll have to get a latching relay to take the momentary pulse and then power a regular relay. But I'm just wondering if I can utilize any of the pins in the BCM to help with any of the wiring? Or is it easier to just take the wire from the steering wheel harness and connect that straight to the latching relay and then to the regular relay to power the light bar? Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Or perhaps a pnp harness @pgamboa ;)
  8. Have 2016 Silverado Crew and in the last week or two I noticed both fog light housings have a lot of condensation. Pretty sure they are LED. Last night noticed the passenger side flickering pretty bad. Driving and parked. It's off more than on. I'm at about 45k miles so assume no factory warranty left on it. I did get an extended from the credit union but not sure what it all covers. Just want to narrow in on what the issue is before calling the 800 number for the warranty. It is just weird that both units have started with the . It is winter in Wisconsin but nothing this shouldn't be able to handle. Any help would be great. I have a picture of the passenger side if somebody could confirm it is an LED from that? Thanks,
  9. Hi all, Had a quick question on my 2015 GMC Sierra SLE Crew Cab. This truck did not come with fog lights. However, it does have the cut-out for the fog lights. I was looking at some different web sites and it looks like i can get fog lights fairly cheap. My question is: 1. Are the fog lights easy to install? (Haven't seen much of a guide out there for this) 2. Has anyone installed fog lights on a Sierra that didn't previously have them? The picture attached basically shows what my truck looks like.
  10. For clarification: I am not trying to sell these or make any money. Nor am I affiliated with The Retrofit Source. If there is a sponsor on this board that is able to work on a group buy price then feel free chime in. Since these replacement fogs are the same for the G8 and 2010-2013 Camaro, I was looking for some people to get into a group buy. They're currently at $200 and The Retrofit Source agreed to $160 if we can get at least 25 people. They also come with a 10-year warranty. So far, as of 05/27/2016, the interest is as follows at Camaro5: CamALot Eddiefuzz - maybe? foo.fighter Arogg Kleen At G8Board: orkrule1 s/c'd cav 6 litre GXP25 MGMGXP di11avou JessMan (for G8) CamaroSS27 Boosted97 GT_KEN Fiesty At GM-Trucks: BIGDOGx Johnny13 (square housings) thetruck454 (square housings) kkmitchell5 Jessman (for '15 Sierra) schultzy375 chriscote781 moody1221 CptMcSaug (square housings) That's 25 people total. New minimum goal of 10 reached. This is happening very soon. The vendor is aware of this and just needs me to provide information about how many lights and which type. After this post I will provide the vendor with the total list so far. Here are the LED fog light housings that are a direct replacement: Chevrolet: https://www.theretrofitsource.com/complete-headlight-fog-light-housings/morimoto-xb-led-fog-lights-chevy.html#.V0W4HfkrJYI "REPLACES CHEVROLET PART #: GM2590104 Avalanche 2007-2015 Suburban 2007-2014 Silverado (round fogs) 2014-2015 Tahoe 2007-2014 (round fogs) Camaro 2010-2013" GMC: https://www.theretrofitsource.com/complete-headlight-fog-light-housings/morimoto-xb-led-fog-lights-type-gm-h16.html#.V0WzbfkrJYI "REPLACES GMC PART #: 25866496 Sierra 2014-2015 Sierra 2500 2014-2016 Canyon 2015+ Yukon 2007-2014 Acadia 2007-2012" Pontiac: https://www.theretrofitsource.com/complete-headlight-fog-light-housings/morimoto-xb-led-fog-lights-pontiac.html#.V0XJfvkrJYI "REPLACES PONTIAC PART #: GM2590104 G6 2010 G8 2008-2009" Pictures installed on a Camaro: http://www.camaro5.com/forums/showpost.php?p=9111375&postcount=16 EDIT: Updated the list.
  11. I never use the fog lights as they seem to do nothing. Very little change in light output. Has anybody retrofitted HID or LED bulbs or the entire housing?
  12. Looking to have my fog lights come on all the time with my park lights on my 2015 Yukon XL SLT. I have this done on my 2015 Sierra with a diode under the dash on the harness blocks. The wire for the fog light is a different color on the Yukon than the Sierra. Does anyone have the numbers or wire colors to jump with the diode for fog and park lights on the brown wire block? Thanks.
  13. I have a 2015 Chevy 1500. 6.5" lift, 20x10s and 35s. Im wanting to upgrade the fog lights. I have found that Rigid Industries makes a bracket that holds either 2 square cubes on each fog light hole, or 1 SR-Q light in each fog light hole. I am wanting the SR-Q lights, but cant decide which to get. The Spot, the flood or the diffused. The spot has 10 degrees of light, flood has 20 and diffused has 60. I am not trying to blind EVERYONE on the road ( i mean 6.5" lift i pretty much hit the people infront of me right in there rearview mirror anyway..), so i am thinking the "Flood" SR-Q's? http://www.rigidindustries.com/led-lighting/90412 Has anyone ran these?? https://www.theretrofitsource.com/chevrolet-square-morimoto-xb-led.html Any input? Thanks!
  14. Just got my new headlights and fogs. Decided against paying the crazy prices for the Rigid lights, and went with the no brand EBAY versions. I did use the Rigid brackets though. Total cost for fog lights and brackets - $150. Compared brightness to my buddy's Rigid's and there were no discernable difference. saved about $300. I used one spot and one flood for each side.
  15. I'm looking at mounting a 20-21" light bar in my bumper valance of my 02' Sierra. I haven't been able to find much information on how/where to mount it. Would it be okay to drill into the skid plate to mount the light bar? Would the brackets included with most the light bars work for this or should I look into making custom brackets? I also have head that I'll need to trim out some of the plastic in the valance so I can position the light bar better. I attached a picture I found online for a visual. I understand this is a newer truck compared to mine but it's still the same idea. Thanks!
  16. Don't have time for a full write up, but wanted to get a few pictures posted.
  17. I've seen a couple silverados here on the forum that have replaced their fog lamps with LED Fog lights. I think they look pretty neat. Does anyone have Rigid Industries LED fog lights on their 2014 GMC Sierra? Pictures to go along with? Thanks! The lights below are the main ones that really tripped my trigger.
  18. Looking to buy 2016 GMC sierra 1500 fog lights and mounting trim bezels. LMK, Rick
  19. From the album: 2015 Silverado Crew LT

    Wife recently hit a pole and dented my LT bumper pretty severely. Took the opportunity to add a fog light and parking sensor bumper - along with Kawell fogs.
  20. I bought a new 2014 GMC Sierra sle at the beginning of 2015. Having an issue with my fog light, I replaced the factory with 6000k led kit. Got them from strictly hids. So I can't use them at night cause they blind oncoming traffic, anyone have any suggestions on if there any other led or hid kit I can use. Thanks
  21. I have installed my new fog lights on a 2015 Sierra 2500 HD,Installed the new switch,but I have no idea where the wiring will be connected to.(part # 23261394 )...the wiring came without instructions,can somebody help me on this ?
  22. Hey ladies and gents, Wondering if anybody can shed some light on a couple issues I have (pun intended). Anyways I bought a led headlight kit with canbus adapter and fogs for my '15 Sierra and have a couple issues: - the led headlight install was simple except from what I read the led's should be clocked at 9 and 3 when locked in. When i put them in, they fit in at 9 and 3 and when locked in they are more at 2 and 8 any remedy for this? - the canbus adapter to truck harness is opposite. The red wire matches the red wire but the locking "nub" is on the opposite side of the clip. How do I correct this? - the led fogs will not clip in no matter what I do. They're orintated correctly and I have even swapped the o rings from the factory bulbs. They just won't clip in. Any help is greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance.
  23. So far I have read lots of great advice in the forums about upgrading the 2014 SLE. I really want to add fog lights to mine. I understand that this could be done, and shouldn't be too much trouble. I know that I will need to get a new dash switch, the bezel, lights and a wiring harness. I am having trouble finding out if that is all that I will need. Additionally, I was wondering if anyone has done this upgrade, I know people have tried installing the LED SLT headlights with little or no success. If you can provide any advice, technical information and part numbers, it would be greatly appreciated! Ive been having trouble finding all the info I need. Thanks in advance! -Bryan
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