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  1. Ok, I've got the tow mirrors, I have the recommends pins, and I know the pin locations in my case 9, 11, 41. What I cannot find ANY WHERE is how to correctly install the pins into the door connector the plugs in the X600. My understanding its important because if you screw up, well, your in big trouble. I've watch various YouTube videos but because of poor lighting, big hands, cramped space, small pins it's hard to see. So does anyone have anything that DETAILS the correct orientation when inserting pin in connector slot? Appreciated, thanks.
  2. Hello! I have just purchased a 2015 Silverado LT and the truck came with tow mirrors installed. I love the look of them but none of the lights come on(front lens, turn signal indicators, and I believe it’s called the vanity light) They are wired up to where the lens is adjustable from within the cab but I don’t have an idea as to why the lights don’t work. I’ve seen where it comes with a harness that plugs into the door harness and I’ve also heard some people hard wiring it. I asked the guy I purchased the truck from but he was no help. Any ideas?
  3. I own a 2019 next gen sierra (elevation) and I'd like to install the extended view tow mirrors (part # 84776098). My truck is equipped with DLF and not UKC as specified in the part description. GM says these mirrors will not work on my truck …. GM enthusiasts. Is this true? I feel like it's bullshit and the harnesses are plug and play? If they're not plug and play, is there an alternate harness? It can't be possible that this 1/2yr model can't be equipped with tow mirrors? Help please …..
  4. Hello I’m new to this site and I will have my 16 Denali 2500 HD in a couple weeks. I’m looking to add tow mirrors. Boost Auto seems to have a nice mirror setup. Any input is greatly appreciated. Let me know your experience and opinion on tow mirrors on your truck. Thank you
  5. I have some eBay tow mirrors and I replaced the clearance lights with the smoked lights from boost auto parts. I have the clearance lights set up to be on with my clearance lights and when my clearance lights are off they function as a blinker. I have a clearance light failing once again... ugh. 4 if the 8 leds are out. I’ve replaced my left and right and now my left is failing. The lights are expensive and seem to always be having issues. I’m not sure if I want to try another set from boost auto or if I should try a different brand. I want to keep smoked lenses in them, definitely don’t want amber. I’ve heard good things about the boost auto mirrors so idk if I just got a bad set but with so many of them having issues in such a short time (less than a year) it makes me wonder. Do y’all know of any better manufactures I could get better clearance lights from or could it be the way I have them wired?
  6. So I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ Z71. Im looking at swapping my stock mirrors for aftermarket tow mirrors. My stock mirrors have all the functions, power folding, heated, turn signal. I have found a bunch of tow mirror set ups that have the reverse light in it and running light/ turn signal, but they do not have the power folding functions. Will this affection my computer and throw a code getting the ones without power folding function or affect anything? I read some reviews that say it could but others say ill be fine.
  7. Anyone put tow mirrors on their '18 1500 LT? I have an '18 LT Z71 and I'm wondering what all I would have to do wiring wise to get the turn signals and everything to work. My current mirrors are only power adjust and heated.
  8. I ordered these https://www.ebay.com/itm/Trail-Ridge-Towing-Mirror-Power-Fold-Heat-Memory-Smoke-Signal-OAT-Chrome-for-GM/232440504616?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 with the hopes of being plug and play but the marker lights and reverse spot light aren't working. The instructions aren't the greatest and wiring isn't my specialty. Has anyone installed these? My truck is a 2014 LTZ, came stock with power fold mirrors, with puddle lights and turn signals in the mirrors. Thanks!
  9. Im sure this might have been covered someplace else but i couldnt find it. I have a 2015 gmc sierra 2500hd sle. The person who owned it before me installed cheap aftermarket tow mirrors and they jiggle all over the place on the highway. I would like to get some better quality mirrors. I'm just wondering if my truck supports the marker lights, blinkers, and reverse/cargo lights plug and play without making my own connections.
  10. I have a LIKE NEW, Set of GM OEM Tow Mirrors for Sale. These came off a local member's truck. Truck is a 2017 with only 2300 Miles on it. They have Chrome Caps and support K40 Diesel Exhaust Brake option if you have it. They are in PERFECT condition! I will also include my DIY Kit for FREE ($65 Value). $450 Shipped/Insured via UPS Ground to Lower 48.
  11. Help with this problem. My friend and I installed a set of DNA Motor tow mirrors on a 2015 Silverado LTZ. Truck had power folding, heated, and turn signals in the stock mirrors. After these tow mirrors were installed, when he turned on either his left or right blinker both (left and right mirror) began to flash but the rest of the turn signals matched the blinker. Any idea what could have caused this or what is causing this?
  12. I’m sure this had been asked 20x but I can’t seem to find it. I’m looking to add some tow mirrors to my 2018 Sierra elevation package. Has power mirrors, non power fold, has defrost, and does not have turn signal. Which are best mirrors for this? Also can I hook into wiring harness and add turn signal as well? Thanks again!
  13. Ordered some ModifyStreet tow mirrors a few weeks ago and had some time this last weekend to install. Overall I will say I am very happy with the mirrors so far. I've had them on for about a week. Still getting used to the mirrors but couldn't be happier. I previously has DL8 mirrors on my truck. I did not install the RZY harness, I tapped into a circuit in the door for my clearance lights. The turn signal and reverse LEDs on both mirrors do not currently function. That's a lot of work and frankly, its just too cold outside for me to want dive into that. Compared to stock mirrors these tow mirrors stick out an extra 2" on each side so not a real deal breaker there. Here's a link to the mirrors on Amazon, shipping was incredibly fast: https://www.amazon.com/ModifyStreet-Clearance-Silverado-Avalanche-Suburban/dp/B01N3XP0J5 Enjoy!
  14. Fits GM 2014-2017, maybe 2018? ModifyStreet Tow Mirrors: $220 Features: Power adjust, heated, turn signal, COB clearance LEDs, and courtesy light. NOT POWER FOLDING. I used them for a few weeks (less than a month probably), once I got my new (darker) wheels the chrome just didn't fit well with the rest of the truck. I modified the harness slightly to allow the clearance lights to work on my 14 Sierra SLE but I can easily return to stock or keep them as is. I review this in my Youtube install video of the mirrors. Nothing wrong with mirrors, the change in wheel color really impacted the whole look of truck so I went back to my color matched DL8 mirrors. Below is what I meant when I said I modified slightly, I t-tapped clearance light wire on mirror into LED ambient light circuit. Also grounded mirror to door. Husky Liner Splash Guards Part # 56896. Front and rear, fits Sierras ONLY. Removed these to install my Duraflap mudflaps and haven't looked back. Entertaining all offers on these. I have no use for them and dog refuses to use as chew toy. WF41
  15. These are OEM tow mirrors from a 2015 LTZ Silverado that were ran on my 15 SLT Sierra. These mirrors are for the GAS trucks. The door harnesses are from the 2015 LTZ Silverado that has Memory, Turn, Cargo, Running Light, etc. Video of me swapping to these mirrors included. I went from my small mirrors to these tow mirrors with these harnesses in my 2015.5 Sierra and it was plug and play. No programming. You guys are on your own if this will work for your trucks. I am selling what worked for my truck and OEM tow mirrors. ASKING $950 SHIPPED TO THE LOWER 48 STATES. The driver side mirror has a small crack on the outside as pictured. Does not interfere with operation.. could be repaired if it bothers you. Ran them on my truck as pictured without issue. PICTURES OF THE MIRRORS, HARNESSES, WITH PART NUMBERS. Video of these tow mirrors on my truck after installing all above.
  16. So here I am once again asking questions about things I should or should not do, but this time it's about tow mirrors. So I'm wondering if I should put tow mirrors on my 1500. My main reason is that they provide better visibility and they look much better than standard mirrors in my opinion. Now, I don't tow much so I have no reason to have the mirrors extended at any point to be honest, and I don't really plan on having them extended. My grandfather came over with his F-250 the other day and his mirrors provide really comfortable visibility from what I experienced and wondered if it'd be practical. Lemme know folks.
  17. Got a 2006 Suburban 2500 LT that came with power folding, heated, blinker, self dimming mirrors and swapped to a set of OEM power extending tow mirrors with blinkers (not sure about the dimming & heat). They will extend by pushing the rocker switch to the left side but they will not retract by pushing on the right side of the button (Left/Right rocker switch in the middle position). Is there anything that needs to be done so the ECM or equivelant will recognize that the mirrors have ben changed?
  18. Installed the 01-07 version of these mirrors. They do Not come wired to work correctly, and actually need additional wiring to get all the way a factory set would work, they also have to be "leveled". The are heated ( when rear defrost is on) , have turn signals in the mirror glass, are power on the top mirror on each side, and have reverse clearance lights on each side facing out and to the rear. Manual Folding, manual extendable. They Do NOT have a temp sensor in them, which many of the '14 and up trucks require. They were $200 on ebay and free ship at current pricing. If you want it all right, expect to spend a few hours.These are made at the same place the GMC mirrors are oddly enough. probably same shell and mirror glass.
  19. My dad recently bought a 2015i 2500HD gasser. It's an LTZ, and it has the standard sized mirrors with signals and power fold. He didn't think he needed the big tow mirrors at the time, but now he has a bigger camper and needs them. The local dealer (who usually treats him really well) quoted him nearly $1400 to have the new tow mirrors installed on his truck. That seems ridiculous. What do you guys think???
  20. So i went to an audio shop to install my tow mirrors and everything I wanted works...to an extent. I requested that they wire the front ambers as BOTH marker and turn signals and it works.....ONLY if you manually turn on the headlights (turning the light nob all the way to the right). I usually keep it on Auto so now the marker lights do not stay on as they are supposed to, the ambers only come on when I signal or hazard, no constant amber marker light. Also when you unlock the car, the ambers blink twice indicating unlock but do not stay on like the headlight ambers do. Same with locking, ambers blink once but do not stay on. So is there a different wire or what?
  21. Just curious if this even exists. The truck came with DL3 mirrors (power folding, heated, etc). I'm thinking of upgrading to tow mirrors, and would like to keep the power folding option if possible. Is this a thing for the 2008 series, since I've seen them for 2014+.
  22. I bought a set of tow mirrors from amautoparts and the glass shakes pretty bad on the passenger side but not as bad on the drivers side. Anyone know of a remedy to fix the glass shake issue? The only thing I can think of is stuffing some foam back behind it. I found on another forum somewhere about putting wheel weights on the bottom. I've done that and I haven't found much of a difference. In fact I think it may be worse than before.
  23. I am looking for some tow mirrors with the LED turn signal in the mirror, and wondering if any of yall had done this change? I have stock small mirrors now and want the upgrade. Any insight on the best tow mirrors to buy fit and function wise? Looking to put them on the truck in the picture. Thanks
  24. Up for sale are 2104 GM Black manual fold/extend camper tow mirrors. Taken off 2014 Silverado LTZ as I upgraded to new style mirrors. Mirrors were on truck for 5,000 miles so no scratches or scuffs and truck garage kept. These mirrors are the 4 stud 2014 version that can be mounted by drilling 4th hole if needed.These mirrors are power adjust, heated, and turn signal in glass. If you already have power mirrors and turn signal they should be plug and play. Looking for $450.00 and includes shipping from WI
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