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  1. My trucks pretty new to me so I'm all over the place. Usually I'm on bluetooth audio but I don't really need to be cause the big screen is the same thing. It's set to trans temp and does not move when towing though.
  2. Nice build. Love the newer RCSB trucks.
  3. thanks man. If I can find a way to hide a Procharger purchase from the wife then thats my plan lol. I think I figured out the youtube deal lol. I'll post a few links.
  4. Heres a few pics with a buddies 20x14 fuel mavericks with 305/55 nitto 420s. I tried them on for a few weeks just for fun, wasn't a huge fan of the smaller tire size.
  5. I came across a good deal on a used cowl hood last winter. Had to get it painted but that wasn't too expensive. Bought a new set of wheels and tires last spring. Went with 20x12 XD Grenades and 35X12.50 Toyo AT2 extremes. (I'm a huge Toyo tire fan)
  6. Last August we had plans to tow the camper to Myrtle Beach for two weeks. We made it about three hours to the Canada US border when the rear diff decided to let go. I guess the added stress on the gears got so hot it burnt out the ring and pinion. Left the camper at the border and milked the truck back home to get a backup truck. Ended up taking my uncles hemi down for the trip. I HATED every second of that drive. It was so uncomfortable, so bad on fuel, but it did get us there and home and had working AC so I can't complain too much. Myrtle Beach was a good time though.
  7. I'm too lazy to clean all that stuff. Oil pump was changed when I built the engine. Water pump and stuff like that will all be replaced when they go bad. Its by no means a show truck. Just a weekend toy.
  8. Added a trucool 40k trans cooler to deal with the added heat from the new FTI 2600 stall converter. Decided not to go with the thermal bypass as the truck gets stored for the winter. I was having a lock up issue with the converter. Alan from performabuilt was very quick to send out a new TCC lock up solenoid under warranty.
  9. Been a while since I've been on here so I figured I'd update. Did a bunch of work the truck last summer. I wasn't happy with the little ls6 cam so I decided on a BTR stage 3 truck cam. 218/224. The wife and I went to Nashville two summers back for vacation and I ended up meeting John Bewley from LJMS on a Saturday morning in Bowling Green KY for the cam. Super good guy to deal with BTW! Bowling Green is pretty awesome. If you get a chance check out the vette museum and assembly plant. Added a set of speed engineering stainless long tubes and catless y-pipe. *lift k
  10. That cam isn't very big and should be fine with just stronger valve springs. A higher stall converter isn't 100% necessary but the truck would benefit from it for sure. When doing the cam install its a great time to upgrade your oil pump, timing gears and chains, pushrods... but thats how builds get out of hand quickly. I would probably suggest around a 2600-3000 stall converter for that cam depending on tire size and how much you tow.
  11. 2500 hd springs are a good upgrade for the 1500 trucks. Contact your local truck/ spring shop.
  12. Sure sounds like a tc shudder. I just had one let go. Tried a lockup solenoid like my trans builder suggested, but it ended up being the tcc in the converter itself. Is your converter locking up properly?
  13. Did the same thing in my old s10. But with the use of a hoist it's really not that hard to drop the tank.
  14. Ive also done the swap. Its stupid simple. Only time you'll need to change a few things is if you're swapping between 99-02 and 03-07 model years. Even then its simple. See build thread in sig for more info if you'd like.
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