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  1. Been on the road, I put chrome steps on get the same crap. I torgued them to spec etc. I would bet if you have after market steps, they are the first place to start. I took mine off and the noise went away. I hate it, but live with it.
  2. Bought cheap Goodyears at Costco and they work great. Also use the Rainx orange fluid too. Works great
  3. Yup I agree that is the problem with my cap wrench. It is designed for FRAM and fits a Fram filter like a glove. I need one with 6 sides that fits. The guys at the shop that I used had metal cap wrenches. However he used a 1/2 breaker bar too.
  4. Is yours a 5.3 with 4x wheel drive? The driveshaft on my truck limits the area you have to work with.
  5. I got the 3 legged oil fllter wrench and it didn't fit into the recess on the pan. Tried to use some sand paper on the strap wrench and it wouldnt budge. Finally took the truck off the ramp and went down to the oil change joint that put the filter on the last time. They were pretty good and put the truck on the hoist to remove the filter. The guy said they only hand tight the filters. Yeah sure. They used a metal cap wrench to get it off, along with a big breaker bar. They put on a new filter, handtight, and added a quart of oil to make up for what was lost NC. As a side note, the guys said the GM filters that are recessed into the oil pan are a bitch to get loose at times. Fair enough I guess. Glad I have a bunch of other cars I can use.
  6. you are truly concerned about power, real power is torque, the 5.3 has 325 lb of torque and the Ram V6 has 425 lbs of torque. While you may not care about economy, most of us do. The 5.3 is a terrible excuse for economy. Diesels are much cleaner, faster, and quieter than ever before. My son has a 6.2 motor and gets 12 mpg when its very cold. He is not a happy driver either.
  7. oh yes that looks good too.....I would like to take a ball peen hammer to the gorilla that put that filter on...evidently they dont know what hand tight means
  8. Thanks guys, I put oil in the crankcase and parked the rig in front of the house. I also ordered a 3 legged wrench as suggested. I dont need to drive it so it comes from Amazon prime on Monday. I can wait. The trouble with my flilter is that is is recessed next to the oil pan and there is simply no room to manuever a screwdriver or a strap wrench, unless Im missing something. If worst comes to worst, I will go back to the oil change people and shame them into taking the danged thing loose for me.
  9. Went to change the oil today drained the crankcase and then tried to get the filter off of my 2011 5.3 V8. The end cap filter wrench just slips on the end of the filter. Short of going on a rant at the place that put it on, any ideas?
  10. I think the Ram diesel V6 made the GM 5.3 obsolete. If you are serious about fuel mileage the 1500 with a diesel is the way to go. My 2011 averages 15 in town and 19 on the road. I believe the Ram gets 25 mpg.
  11. 2004 Corvette 2003 Tracker ZR2 2007 Enclave XLS 2011 Silverado 1500 LT
  12. I have never had a drop out except when I get behind tall trees in a valley, overpasses etc in Western Washington. Once I get on the plains, it never happens. The vehicle has to be able to see the sky at the proper angle.
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