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  1. https://gsi.ext.gm.com/gmspo/mode6/index.html That link was working not too long ago...any who here is the latest one! btw, If you guys need any alldata or mitchell info or wiring diagrams for anything (gm or nor) let me know.
  2. finally got the better half to send me a pic of my truck to put on here

  3. From Charlotte, Lincolnton, Matthews, Concord, Gastonia, Huntersville, Hickory, Moorsville, Lake Norman....ive lived alot of places....then moved to good ole Arkansas to fix big ole planes in the Airforce...now in Goldsboro fixin small ole planes...
  4. cant wait to get back to the states and start modding my truck

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    2. neonhighlite


      Yea, that would be sweet, just takes the fun out of the build, id love the end result though

    3. gmtech4


      if its alot of work then wait ,i thought it was a few things

    4. neonhighlite


      honestly so far it is, just a DIC upgrade for now is what im finding, i even talked with my buddy whos got my truck for now and he said he's do it....so we'll see

  5. If you can decode all of this tech savvy stuff it is awesome info http://service.gm.com/gmspo/mode6/index.html
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