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  1. Thanks Jim for the reply, instead of using a mirror to look around under the running board like I initially did, I got underneath it today and cleaned out some of the winter crud and found a couple of other screws heads, now 4 in total, did not remove them but I think when they are removed the endcap should come off. Going to wait until the replacement I ordered comes in before I remove it. Cheers Stu
  2. Anyone know how to remove the running board end cap with the kick switch in it? I can only find one screw on the bottom of the end cap and when I removed it I could not move the end cap . Thinking there must be a tab somewhere to release the end cap, but can't see anything obvious. Running board (pass. side) swings to the rear with the dash switch but not the kick switch. 2017 Crew Cab Denali.Thx Stu
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