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  1. 2.5" level on, tint 20 sides 50 shield, and billet antenna all last week [emoji869] Sent from S10 using Tapatalk
  2. Yall know what they are. The close up one is the worst out of the set. The rest are fairly good $600 OBO Located in Tuckerton, NJ.. But can bring out to Deptford, NJ area where I work Sent from S10 using Tapatalk Sent from S10 using Tapatalk
  3. 2" Goodmark Steel Cowl Hood - PAINTED BLACK. I bought the hood new, the paint alone cost 400 to get done. Great condition, well taken care of Will direct fit any 03-05 silverado. Will bolt onto any 06-07c silverado, but you need an 03-05 grille to fit correctly without gaps between hood & grille. Correct me if I'm wrong. Located on NJ coast 08087, but work out of Blackwood, NJ 08012 near Philly. I could bring out this way if need be. $450 obo Sent from S10 using Tapatalk
  4. Got me a '17 nali ultimate 6.2 last week. Will get better pics when I'm off Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  5. I don't have any pics on hand but I've seen the plastic color matched with chrome cap many times. Often on those cencal pages. I'll prolly do that with my White frost denali
  6. Interested for my 05 ss. I'm gonna do some research tonight and get back to ya Sent from my Galaxy S-Fawhore
  7. Option 2 no doubt. No discussion. No question lol much better Sent from my Galaxy S-Fawhore
  8. Ok Gotcha, I'm in South jersey. Would ya do 25 shipped plus paypal fees on my end? Edit. Or maybe interested in the Alpine. Havnt had a chance to look them up yet though. Which would you recommend for stock nbs bose system with double din HU? prolly getting 1 10" later down the road Sent from my Galaxy S-Fawhore
  9. How long did you run the pioneer speakers? And where are you located Sent from my Galaxy S-Fawhore
  10. Hmm, what model pioneer sub do you have? Sent from my Galaxy S-Fawhore
  11. .. I don't see what's the problem. If you love it, and want with the same look.. Then get the same tires!!! sent from your HTC Rezound
  12. NBS means 99-07c (gmt800) and NNBS is current 07.5-13 (gmt900). sent from your HTC Rezound
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