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  1. Thanks! I don't mind having vinyl in non-seating areas, provided the seating area is leather.
  2. I have a 2012 Crew Cab Sierra, All Terrain. It has the crap plastic chrome 18" wheels. I have always hated these wheels, but figured I would wait until it was time for new tires and look at doing a new OEM wheel. I really want to do these 5698 polished 20" wheels that come on the 2015/2016 models. I was hoping to find pics of folks with my body style and these wheels installed, but search is not very good. Or, I'm just not good at searching.....probably more likely. Also, I know the stock Goodyears, either the RSA or LS2 are crap, so, any recommended tires similar to the Bridgestone Duellers? Thanks!
  3. So the rear seating area is leather? I was under the assumption the previous post I quoted meant the entire rear seat was vinyl.
  4. Sorry, I forgot to update this thread. It has been sold. Please lock thread.
  5. Decided not to install this. It is new, and never installed. $55 shipped.
  6. I am looking to install my kit tomorrow, and have watched the video to only deal with the lower portion of the suspension. The installation instructions state to torque the bolt on the upper control arm "manufacturer specs". The video states he torqued everything except the lug nuts to 37 FT-LBS. Doesn't seem right the sway bar bolt gets torqued to the same torque as the control arm ball joint nut. Anybody have a service manual and able to post the spec torque values for these bolts, both the control arm and sway bar? Thanks
  7. Do you have more info on the GM leveling kit? Was this an option? Is it an accessory you can buy? I have not heard anyone having this done from the dealer. I saw your post of the pic of your truck on the 6.2L thread, and thought your truck looked leveled.
  8. Thanks Walt. I'll play around with it tomorrow or Monday. I only had male RCA to 3.5mm cable at home and a female/female adapter to splice the WDTV RCA. Might be a connection issue with that. Everything is working great. Gonna really like this.
  9. Where is the best place to ground the unit? I got accessory power from under the dash, X14 pin 8, and grounded at pin 1. I am sharing the pin 8 power with my backup camera, and have a SPST switch on the WDTV. I grounded both my backup camera and WDTV to pin1. I am getting a whine on Video input and WDTV on with the vehicle running, and increases with throttle. Thanks
  10. No, I don't have a tune on my truck. I plan on keeping my truck basically stock. My car is what gets the mod-money. I'll see how long I stick to that plan. I said the same thing about my car when I got it.
  11. I wanted the 3.73 gears as well, but the All-Terrain package only comes with the 3.42 gears. Yes, mine is a G8GT, with AFM removed and a supercharger added. The GXP has the 6.2L, no AFM.
  12. I had the 5.3L in my 2003 Silverado, and liked it. When I was looking at getting a new truck, I started looking at the 5.3L again, until I learned it had AFM. I have a G8 with 6.0L and AFM, and did a cam swap to remove the AFM crap. Didn't want to deal with that on my new truck. It was a PITA finding a 6.2L truck here though. None of my local dealers were willing to deal much, but were able to trade with other dealers in neighboring states to get one. The dealer I ended up buying from had 1 on their lot that was a special order that somebody backed out of. It was black, and really didn't want another black vehicle with my G8 being black. They are a huge volume dealer and no other dealers will trade with them, so I couldn't get a more preferred color. I love my 6.2L!
  13. Has this been verified to be stable yet? I'd really like to know how to get this working. Thanks
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