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  1. no they didn't, the service guy did do a little chuckle when he was talking about it so I'd guess it pretty well know. so that two major problems my truck has in my eyes. my radio also goes full volume randomly going down the road. no fix for that issue either and it's done it since the first day I got it. They also know about that
  2. I just got back from a trip to the smokey mountains. it was easier to back my truck the driveway than do a 80 point turn. Heard a rubbing/grinding noise coming from rear end while backing the truck up. It also sounded like the u-joints where going out really bad. Took it to the dealership yesterday morning, couldn't get the noise to happen. I had my wife record the noise and had it on video while we were there. Went back up to the dealership this morning and showed them the video. Come to find out they are having problems with the slip yoke and leaf spring. Greased up everything and told to k
  3. lol yea i was in hurry to put it on
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