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  1. Thanks for the input guys. I checked ebay , can get a set of AC DELCO iridium's plugs with shipping to Canada for around 70 Canadian dollars and wires too for less than 100 Canadian dollars. May go for these. Appreciate your time
  2. My GMC sierra 2008 vortec 5.3 has done 165000 Kms , looking for some info on spark plug and spark plug wires , checked with the dealer here in Calgary and the wire set is $219.00 , each spark plug is $15.99 (Canadian) , pretty pricy , other than AC delco are there any other options? I usually prefer OEM stuff. Also could any one tell me what is the torque for the spark plug. Thanks for your time.
  3. Thanks Rob. I guess I have one more last question this time. Did an engine oil flush , they call "xtend engine oil flush" at lube city , in Calgary, will never do it again , is this really bad and is there any thing I must look for ? Thanks guys for taking the time.
  4. @ govtech4 & doug_scott Appreciate for taking the time . Was thinking of selling the truck . Changed my mind now. Forgot to mention, to add to my frustration the dude at the quick lube shop overfilled my engine , the level was up by an inch over the full mark , took it back to the shop and he dropped oil to correct the level could this over fill cause any damage, I drove the truck for about 90 Kms before realizing this ? Thanks again.
  5. Hi, Mine is a GMC sierra 2008 5.3 vortec, Went to one of the quick lube shops in Calgary for an Dexos 1 oil change and the tech showed me the dip stick , oil level was very low, below the cross - hatched area at the tip of the dip stick, last oil change was done 5000 kms back. I love the truck but cannot afford to fix a serious engine problem if there is one. Any advise to my questions is appreciated. Please note that the engine has no visible leaks. 1)Truck has done 1440000 Kms, is it normal for the engine to loose so much oil? 2) Don't know for how long I have been driving with tha
  6. Thanks Mason! May be I will try them.
  7. I have a 2008 5.3 sierra, usually service it at the dealers in Calgary , would now prefer a private shop, does any one know of a good shop does trucks in Calgary. Thanks!
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