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  1. Just add a small turbo charger to it, cat-back exhaust system, cold air intake kit, rear end with a 3.73 limited slip gears, and beef up your transmission to 4L65E internals. Add a trans cooler too. Then reprogram the PCM & enjoy the ride....
  2. Problem is, 1999 is a transition year too. There is both the CLASSIC and the NBS 1999 truck out there--- Totally different trucks & seats!!
  3. I agree with "Jsdirt". My 2009 GMC Sierra had no problems with it's 5.3L AFM. My 2012 Sierra, also 5.3L AFM, had the entire bottom end replaced at 35K for oil issue. Then the cam & lifters were replaced at 75K. I thought GM had it all figured out by then....
  4. I agree 100%. Change those stock white bulbs to LED yellow bulbs. Driving lights are WHITE. Fog lights are YELLOW.
  5. Love that 1986 ? in your profile pic...


  6. To me, it would have been a non-AFM 6.2L going back under that hood. I wonder if "Fraser Motors" has that same warranty on a 6.2L?
  7. I've seen pics of multiple 2014-2018 GM trucks painted up 2-tone. I really like most of them, not all, but most of them.
  8. Read the owners manual. It explains how to remove the tailgate. There is a connector to unplug the camera...
  9. Try not to get into any "fender benders" with that BMW either. I work at a multi-line dealership bodyshop. We waited 2 months for a fender one time, out of Germany. We now have a BMW down for a lower bumper grill & louver system, been a month now. It's ridiculous the BMW parts we have had to wait for. I would say it's almost every other BMW wreck too. -Jon in TX.
  10. Add a can of Sea Foam treatment to the crankcase and run it for a few miles. Then drain & replace the oil/filter, I agree with going back with the Mobile 1, AC Delco Premium Gold, or K&N filter too.
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