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  1. "RAM IT". Take you existing cover off. Find a rubber plug, drill you OEM cover to match, then "plug-it" up. Newer RAM trucks have this feature & I haven't seen any broken down on the side of the road with the plug "missing". I have seen RAM's broken down for OTHER reasons though!! LOL!!! ?
  2. I would buy a rear set of Belltech Street & Performance "lowering" shocks.
  3. In that case, I would go back OEM from a junkyard truck. They only made a million on those trucks... LOL
  4. Side note, aftermarket lights ARE cheep, but tend to fade rather quickly...
  5. I would start simple. Try removing each horn & cleaning the ground contact 1st....
  6. Tough to tell with these pics. But short of cracked axle tubes (very unusual), it would have to be outer axle seals. If you are loosing brake fluid, worn metal brake lines running out to the L/RT wheel cylinders could also be the cause...
  7. You need to make a good parts counter "friend" at your local dealership. He could give you wholesale pricing & the parts would arrive FASTER & without any shipping too!! ?
  8. I would drop the motor out & check it out. See if it turns freely. Inspect the "squirrel cage". Look for debris or trash inside the air duct housing too...
  9. I would call around to some GOOD shops in your area- Even a GM dealer or two. Ask them if they sale BG products. They make a good top end fuel induction cleaner. It definitely can't hurt & may solve your problem as well. If nothing else, it is needed maintenance with these fuels around now.
  10. Check out the GM tailgate lock accessory too. PN# 19211265 I added one to my 2004 GMC SLT with the VHO package, years back. It looked WAY better than the pop-lock handle, IMHO.
  11. Gotcha. That gives you the chrome mirror caps & door handles as well. ?
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