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  1. I would drop the motor out & check it out. See if it turns freely. Inspect the "squirrel cage". Look for debris or trash inside the air duct housing too...
  2. I would call around to some GOOD shops in your area- Even a GM dealer or two. Ask them if they sale BG products. They make a good top end fuel induction cleaner. It definitely can't hurt & may solve your problem as well. If nothing else, it is needed maintenance with these fuels around now.
  3. Check out the GM tailgate lock accessory too. PN# 19211265 I added one to my 2004 GMC SLT with the VHO package, years back. It looked WAY better than the pop-lock handle, IMHO.
  4. Gotcha. That gives you the chrome mirror caps & door handles as well.
  5. That means you have the high output 6.0L & front torsion bar suspension
  6. Heater core is fine. No sweet smell inside either....
  7. ONE. Remove the washer nozzle from the arm & hose. Soak it in some CLR cleaner & reinstall....
  8. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/tay-79614/overview/year/2011/make/gmc/model/sierra-1500 These are blue in color, they show red as well. GMC & Chevy are the same truck...
  9. Yet, a lot of dealers also compete HARD for the engine/transmission business. This means, they do not mark up their COSTS much, just in order to sell these reman units. Call 2-3 GM dealers around you a shop the prices. Tell them what your last quote was & the next prices MIGHT even be cheeper...
  10. That is normal for that generation. Even the 2007-2013 newer body style did not have a power tailgate lock option. 2014+ is when that started... Side note, with those wheels, is your truck the chrome appearance package or the performance edition?
  11. GM has a very good warranty on their remans. I would get the beefier 4L65E & rock it.
  12. Thanks guys I'll check these ASAP. Are heater cores known to fail on this model this soon? I have replaced my coolant & water twice already, since I bought her new.
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