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  1. Nice! I want to tint my side markers as well. Do you have a picture at night that shows how well they shine through the tint? Thanks!
  2. My new 2020 2500HD Duramax only has 193 miles on it. 95% or more has been stop and go city driving and the computer is reading 9.8 mpg. I am sure it’s my driving as I am enjoying the torque! I will be taking it easy to see if I can get the 12 to 14 mpg city (Real world, calculated) I was getting on my 2016 Duramax.
  3. Thank you! I’ll be calling them today!
  4. I will be giving this a try tomorrow for sure- it has been driving me nuts!
  5. My 2019 AT4 (picked up this week) is higher on the left. Very noticeable in the side view mirror- the body line on the cab is about 3/8” or so lower than the line on the bed. Also the bed isn’t centered- the right side leading edge sticks out and the left side is in. Going back to the dealer soon to have them look at it.
  6. You can add the truck to your AT&T share plan for the same price as another phone sharing your plan. I think it's $10. Also the truck is supposed to have better signal strength that a phone. I will be tying it in a few months when my truck arrives...
  7. Do any of you track your fuel consumption on Fuelly? I have used this website/app for years and found that most DICs are off by 5 to 10 percent as compared to doing the math -miles driven/gallons used. My past experiences with 3/4 tons have always netted really low mileage. 5.7l and 8.1l. Not always just because I have a heavy foot, but also the type of city traffic and highway traffic I drive in, as well as the terrain. I would jump at 14 mpg overall, but most folks don't see that kind of economy.
  8. Oh, yes, I have driven both several times. And like the diesel overall. The 6.0 performs OK on the test drives, but not sure how it will tow or perform loaded with weight. Most guys I know with older 6.0s have to really baby the go pedal to get 12 mpg. One towed a flatbed with a tractor on it to teneseee and average a little under 7 mpg towing. I keep thinking the diesel is the way for me, but all this talk about fuel system problems, DEF quality problems and DPF replacement, has me rethinking the choice. I would think the DPF and fuel system issues would be covered until the drivetrain ran out as long as bad fuel/DEF wasn't the issue, right?
  9. So, I have been reading a lot on this and other forums about diesel vs gas to help me make a decision on which one I want to order in the next year. What I see is a lot of info on fuel costs, maintenance costs, etc. What I don't see much of is factoring in resale value. I have priced new trucks on the Chevy an GMC sites so many times I could almost quote the prices. And having checked the used market both on line at at dealers, I see resale values for gas being a few thousand dollars less than diesel- regularly. Seems the initial cost of the diesel option is partially recovered at sale. Thus in the long run, it really isn't an $8k or so option, maybe like $4k or $5k. Kinda makes the decision even harder for me! I am not decided yet, the more I analyze the tougher the decision gets!
  10. Ryan, does yours power fold as well? I just bought an 08 Z71 Suburban and wish I had the power fold turn signal heated mirrors. Any info you could provide would be very helpful! Thanks.
  11. I have had BFG All Terrains (LT rated) on suburbans, avalanches and trucks. I always got 70,000 plus miles from them. Mostly highway miles and occasional off-road, hunting, etc. worked real well in the snow. Usually had half of an inch of tread left when traded in. Good shocks and routine front end alignments equals longer tread life too!
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