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  1. Go after the other party's insurance co for diminished value.............. This truck will forever be branded as having been in an accident.
  2. Adaptive ride, power running boards, 22" wheels, chrome bling if you like that sorta thing................should be pretty easy to compare using the GM configurator.
  3. I got the bedrug mat and am happy with it. Covers only the bed (not sides) and makes it easier to slide stuff in and out and protects both the stuff and the spray in liner.
  4. I have the 6.2 and it was a June 2020 build in Indiana. Now at 4500 trouble free miles. Excellent performance from this engine. Just completed a 1100 mile roundtrip and averaged 18.3 mpg. Wish it had a larger fuel tank! And I would have gone the 3.0 Duramax route had I been able to locate one with my required specs.
  5. Recently completed my first tow of 27 ft. Airstream approx 6500 lbs dry weight. My 6.2 with 10 speed purred like a kitten on roundtrip of 611 miles. Avg mpg was 11.5 @ 65 mph on relatively flat terrain with moderate to no wind. Based on your description of your trailer I'd say the 6.2 or the 3.0 Duramax would meet your needs plus some. I read good reviews of the Duramax on this forum.
  6. The idiot governor of CA wants to outlaw the ICE by 2035. Meanwhile their electric utility is responsible (faulty equipment) for millions of acres burned each year and every summer Californians are subject to rolling blackouts because PG&E can't produce enough electricity. WTF is he smoking?
  7. Did your truck come with a 5th wheel or did you add it? Is that Dark Sky Metallic? Fab color!
  8. I also leased as back in July the money factor calculated to 1.57% interest rate and the residual value is 61%. Also got $3k dealer discount, $1,500 lease credit plus GM educator discount which I recall was $2,995. It's a 39mo/12k miles per year lease and up front fees were SC tax ($500) plus first month payment. Over the years I've leased and purchased. I like a new vehicle every 3 years or so and leasing at these rates is hard to beat.
  9. I find it interesting to read all the discussion and complaints about the interior finish. This is my first truck and I've had four German SUV's since 2008. The fit and finish and technology in my 2020 Denali is every bit as good as any vehicle I've had.
  10. Congrats. Great color. Love those wheels!
  11. I have the 6.2 V8 and the Airstream tows like a dream with the Equalizer hitch. Sucks up a lot of fuel but it's the nature of the beast. Would be nice to have a 36 gal. fuel tank. The Airstream is great for the two of us plus our dog. Wouldn't want to take an extended trip with any more than 2 ppl. We can coexist as long as the weather is good and we can be outside! As you know the Airstream has no slides so space is limited albeit comfortable and very well built. If you have a family, get one of the ultralights with slides. And the ultralights cost a fraction of what you'll pay for a new (or used) Airstream.
  12. If it's doing it with XM only, call Sirius and ask them to reboot the signal to your radio. Sirius is the only game in town for satellite radio. Any company that has a monopoly has zero incentive to provide high quality. I constantly threaten to download 250 songs to a thumb drive and tell Sirius to pound salt.
  13. You're realistically looking at 12--15 months before you'll see a MY '22 in real life.
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