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  1. Traded my '20 Sierra 1500 Denali after 9 months and 7200 miles. Purchased @ $61,500 and got $57k on the trade. Not bad, not great but it worked for me. Decided I didn't need a truck because we determined that the travel trailer lifestyle wasn't our thing. Traded for a new Audi A6.
  2. The GMC Denali was a great truck and if I’m ever in the mood for another truck I’d buy another. The Audi is my 14th “Kraut” built vehicle which somewhat speaks to my age of 72. Anyway this ain’t my first rodeo. All were trouble free save a hiccup here and there, the worst being a EGR failure in a BMW X5 diesel. A couple of trips to the dealer (under warranty) resolved the issue and it gave me many trouble free miles thereafter. The new Audi is a remarkable car albeit the technology can be mind numbing if one isn’t tech minded (I am). After a couple of sessions in the driveway fiddlin
  3. Enjoyed my 9 months of ownership. Decided to forego the travel trailer lifestyle so I traded my truck for a new Audi A6 3.0 last week. After many years of driving a SUV or truck I’m enjoying the sedan experience so far. Given that these trucks are in demand, I figure it cost me about $6k to own it for 9 months. Best of luck to all.
  4. I’ve been buying online or via email for 20+ years. Granted new only. Always subject to test drive and visual inspection b4 signing. Nothing more frustrating than the on-site dealership delivery game. Bring it to me, sign the papers and done!
  5. My truck always re-starts after about 30 seconds every time. I maintain constant pressure on the brake pedal but it always re-starts before I release the brake. All of which makes me wonder how much good it's doing in terms of fuel savings, environmental impact, etc.
  6. FYI, the truck has been listed with Swapalease. See it at swapalease.com
  7. Laura in St. Louis and Howard Bentley in Albertville, AL are the discount benchmarks for GMC as far as I've been able to determine. Bentley will deliver within 500 miles.
  8. Anybody have experience using swapalease.com ? Please share your thoughts.
  9. Have done some preliminary looking but this is a process. The trailer is outta here and after the truck goes, if it goes, will get serious. If your interest is in a towable RV, your AT4 will tow like a dream.
  10. We are looking to trade the R/V lifestyle for a cabin in the NC mountains and therefore no longer need a truck. Anyone interested in assuming my lease please PM me for complete details. First service completed and truck is in perfect, like new condition. No accidents. No scratches. No dents. No blemishes. PLEASE NOTE: Person assuming the lease must be SC resident and qualify with GM Financial. Serious inquiries only. No down payment required.....simply assume the lease. I will split the transfer fee with a qualified buyer. 2020 Sierra 1500 Denali Carbon
  11. My 2020 Sierra Denali just turned 6000 miles. Bought it last July. The 6.2's performance has been excellent save for the 10-12 mpg when towing and the lack of extended range fuel tank. Overall I'm very pleased with the truck. Hopefully GM will assist you with getting out of the lemon and into a good performing truck.
  12. At $7.99 I'm all-in. Will call tomorrow and give my Costco promo code and see what happens. $7.99 is all it's worth. My 2017 BMW X5 offered the same/similar app at no charge.
  13. No way I'd tow a 7,000 lb trailer without a WD Hitch.
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