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  1. While I didn't buy from Laura, I did talk to a sales guy (Tony) and the vibes I got were that they'd be easy to deal with, straightforward, no surprises, no dealer add-ons. What you see is what you get.
  2. I just installed the LoMax tri-fold hard tonneau. The width between the installed rails is 58 1/2 inches. I have a short bed Denali. Hope this helps.
  3. Relax and chill out. Just having a little fun. Life's too short.........
  4. I too bought from Hilton Head GMC. Ask for Denny at 843-815-1500 or call his cell 843-422-6980. Good guy and they will deal on price. www.hiltonheadauto.com
  5. Why not a AT4. Probably more plentiful in inventory
  6. Dude's a LSU fan.......what else would you expect?
  7. Great. I tried to buy a in-transit SLT from dealer in Charleston but they wouldn't budge on price so I ended up with a Denali from HH dealer. Happy with it so far. My first truck so what the heck.......go all-in including 6.2L monster. Leasing was attractive to me considering 61% residual value and money factor of .00057 which translates to 1.37% interest. Enjoy the ride!
  8. Congrats! 4X4? Shoulda stickered around $60k so depending on tax in your state sounds like a reasonable deal and in line with what I was quoted a couple of weeks ago in SC where the tax is a flat $500, registration $55 and dealer fee $449.
  9. On the front underside of the cover nearest the cab my LoMax had 2 preinstalled clips that are designed to fit (clip) underneath tabs on the side rail. This is what holds the cover in place at the front. My tonneau is LOMAX Tri-Fold. I don’t think under any circumstances that it’ll be completely leak free but I expect any leaks to be minimal. Best of luck.
  10. Just put the LoMax tri-fold on mine. Easy install. Good fit and finish. Sleek looking.
  11. Had diesel on my last two SUV's and loved the performance and especially the range. This is my first truck so I jumped in with both feet and got the Denali 6.2. It's a beast and I'm loving it. The days of the V8 are numbered. Turbo 4's and 6's are the norm in all German fleets now. Fuel prices are low now and not likely to skyrocket. I'm ok with the reduced mpg. What I'll really miss is the range especially since GM doesn't offer a extended range fuel tank.
  12. Ps: I discovered that the retaining clips weren't properly seated on the rail at the front (cab) end thus creating peeks of daylight in the corners from underneath. Pulled her loose and reattached the retaining clips and now the tonneau is very tightly fitted with no daylight visible from the bed side. As with anything automotive, the proper fit and install is critical. And this afternoon FedEx delivered my BedRug and a couple of cargo divider bars. That's all the aftermarket toys for now as I'm getting the evil eye from you know who!
  13. Yes, REV is the dealer brand. I was told they had supplier issues due to COVID so none were in stock at my dealer. There are some reviews on this forum so you might want to check it out.
  14. Over the years I've leased a few vehicles but mostly bought them. What made the lease on the 2020 Denali so attractive is 61% residual and .00057 money factor on 39 month/12k miles per year lease. Also qualified for GM lease conquest rebate @ $1,500 and GM Educator discount @ $2,995. Settled on 39 months @ $689/mo. with zero out of pocket. MSRP $71,884 which includes $984 in unavoidable dealer add-ons (nitrogen, pinstripe, door edge guards and window tint). I'm happy with my deal!
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