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  1. 2020 Sierra 2500 AT4. When going to the camera app, or switching to reverse, a black screen with a crossed out camera and a red triangle with an exclamation point inside displays. The camera that displays on the rearview mirror works. I've searched for blown fuses, but can't find any. I've pulled the infotainment fuses and replaced to atempt to reset, and nothing. I even pulled the disconnected the battery as a reset. After I pulled the battery and reconnected, I started the truck and switched to reverse. The camera displayed for a fraction of a second, then went back to the the black screen with symbols. This is the only love I've seen out of it since they stopped working on Friday. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. I have the Roll-X on my truck. It's been on since late August and I really like it. I use my truck as a truck and have never had to take it off. Went on quick and easy. Rolls up easy. Bed stays dry. So far, five stars. One thing that I'll be watching out for is the snow and ice. Last week, when it got down to 19 degrees, it had manually disengage the spring-loaded lock bar. Must have been frozen. Now, it only took a light touch on each side, so no concerns, yet. I paid under $700 at AutoAccessoriesGarage.
  3. I locked my truck up over an hour ago (after dark). Just walked outside and the steering wheel control backlighting was on. It turned off while I was standing there. I don't know how long it was on, but it was the only thing on. How odd...
  4. Some points of clarification... On the 2014, the thing above the driver's seat is, indeed, the microphone. On the 2007-2013, it was an aspirator for the HVAC. It was changed on the 2014. Also, Active Noise Reduction is only available on the 6.2, as a sound reducer when the engine is in V4 mode. From the order site: Active Noise Cancellation system when ordered with the 6.2L V8 EcoTec3 engine and bucket seats (Not available until Fall of 2013) By the way, when I picked up my '14, the dealer said that they weren't being trained on it until this month, so be careful what the sales guy tells you. Otherwise, you'll be looking all night for the key switch to put the dang thing in hovercraft mode.
  5. I ordered the BAK Roll-X tonneau cover. Aluminum structured, vinyl coated roll-up. With the tailgate locked, it is secure and allows full access to the bed when rolled up. Should be here on Tuesday. I'll get it installed and post pictures.
  6. I thought that Active Noise Cancellation was only available on the not yet released 6.2...
  7. Just clicked over 3,200 miles today. I mentioned it in an earlier post, but now that I've driven over 3K, I'll bring it back up. I'm not having any drivetrain problems. The truck drives like a dream. I do have the same annoyance problems others are mentioning. That includes the slidey seat cushion and intermittent lane departure and forward collision alert malfunctions (not available). That's it, so far. I'm fairly satisfied! Now, I'm driving the thing on some business trips, to a hotel that valet parks. Every single valet picking it up or dropping it off comments about how nice the 2014 is! There hasn't been one that hasn't. It just reassures me that I made a good decision. Still waiting to see another '14 on the road...
  8. Same here. I've been trying to figure out where it is coming from. When I attempted to move the seat while standing outside of the truck, it felt solid. Do you all have the safety alert seat? I had a thought that the cushion might be sliding. Haven't spent too much time tracking down the problem, but it is getting irritating.
  9. This is important. The manual states "The climate control system will use the previous settings during a remote start." There is also a setting in your Vehicle Climate and Air Quality settings for Auto Fan Max Speed. You can choose Low, Medium or High.
  10. Well, I noticed a shallow cut on the same plastic panel. I pointed it out to the salesman and we decided to keep an eye on it for now. It isn't very noticeable. I started my truck in a heavy rain the other day and there was a message to service the forward camera. I'm assuming it was due to being blocked by the heavy rain, as it went away after I turned off and back on the truck about 10 minutes later On the bottom of the Zero on the speedometer's '50', there is a flaw of some kind. The picture doesn't do it justice, but there is either something on the back of the number or some of the coating has been scratched off. While the rest of the Zero is a darker tint, the bottom-left is white. Oh, and after three days of having the truck, this afternoon I found a chip in the paint behind the rear drivers-side door. Grrrrr. I have no idea how it happened. Not even sure if there is touch-up paint available yet. I have Tungsten Metallic.
  11. My truck sticks out a bit further in the parking garage at work, but no difference in the parking. I back it in each morning and the rear camera makes it 10X easier. I used to back up until my hitch receiver made contact with the steel cable in the garage (perfect alignment), but no need anymore,
  12. GMConnects is down, maybe for good. I tracked via chat with Chevy Customer Service. Always had up-to-date info.
  13. No option to turn off the auto door locks. There is an on/off option to fold in the mirrors with the remote (when the lock or unlock button is pressed and held). My '07 didn't have that. My '07 also didn't have memory seats/mirror, but on the '14 you can set the reverse tilt mirror to be just the passenger or the driver, both or off. Thought that was a neat option.
  14. Depot says it should be at the Dealership tonight!!! I'm excited!!! I've been tracking this thing each week through Chevy Customer Service! My salesman called and said it should be ready by Noon tomorrow!
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