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  1. I've used SEM paint on my 2002 SD interior. It coats well but I'm not thrilled with how it matches - the medium natural color is not as dark as the tan in my truck. SEM confirmed that the colors I purchased are correct. Just FWIW.
  2. Thanks for the replies. For whatever reason, the load resistors were not solving it but I may have connected them incorrectly.
  3. I feel really stupid asking this because I'm sure thousands of members have already tackled the NBS truck LED upgrade. Running into a wall.. ugh. Upgrading the signal lamps with LEDs and running into some odd issues. I only swapped the fronts and it made for some really bizarre stuff. First, if the 3157 LED is installed, the 194 bulb socket doesn't work at all. If I put the parking lights on, the flasher symbol stays on the whole time in the cluster. The truck will buzz when I try to put the blinker on. I changed the flasher module with the LED compatible one but it did nothing (perhaps I needed a different or better module). If I turn the blinker on with no lights on, almost all the lights on the truck will flash. This includes the cab, side marker, rear, license plate, cluster, radio, etc. I also tried using load resistors with no improvement. Perhaps I need to do all the flashers front and back in LED? Admittedly, this was only for the front. Still.. some of the results I've gotten so far are rather odd. I must be doing something wrong... any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. The ones I had were black spokes with the polished lip. My body guy could paint them another color so that's not a big deal. I like those wheels a lot. Will see how their price stacks up and also curious on how big the lip is on them compared to the size. It seems that the 22" wheels can sometimes get a pretty small lip which kind of ruins the whole look. Thank you for posting. Appreciate the feedback. I tried a Craigslist search up to 500 miles away from 06477 but didn't find anything. Curious what app you used for doing nationwide search as the one I utilized might not be the greatest. PM sent. Thank you.
  5. Those are the ones. Unfortunately, both of those links go to the same company that said Boss wheels no longer exist. I've asked over a dozen wheel places and all have said they cannot get any new ones. I'd even take a few loose wheels floating around if anyone had them left on their shelves. Hoping that someone here might have a used set they want to part with. Not giving up.
  6. Looking for these wheels. They are discontinued, so I can't source a set new. If anyone has any leads, I'm all ears. I had these wheels on my Sierra Denali when a drunk driver ran me off the road, leading to 2 of them getting completely destroyed. That said, if anyone even has 2... Just figured that asking for a whole set made more sense. Please post up or PM me.
  7. Someone drove me off the road a few weeks ago. Two of my Boss wheels are completely shot from hitting the curb. Found out that the manufacturer (Boss Motorsports) has been killed off by the parent company American Eagle, and thus, they are not making any more of these wheels. Anyone on here still have a set they want to get rid of?
  8. Great info. Thank you sir! To confirm, I have the AMSOIL ATF. Guess I'll just use that stuff up first and then change over to ATL. Thanks again!
  9. I need to change out the filter so will be dropping the pan. The fluid in there now is pretty good. I already did a few changes just pulling out the drain plug. In both cases, I used Dex 3. I have 10 quarts of AMSOIL synthetic trans fluid sitting in my garage. Would that be a good fluid to use? Or should I stick with plain old Dex 3/Dex 6? The AMSOIL was originally purchased for my Regal but I unloaded that. Truck has 188K on presumably the original transmission. It shifts fine as-is. Also, how much fluid with a pan drop? I'm reading anywhere between 4-8 quarts. That's fine, I just want to make sure it wouldn't be more than that. Appreciate your opinions on the subject.
  10. I have a complete set of used cab lights from my Sierra denali. This includes: -Three amber cab lights in front of cab -High mounted brake light at back of cab -Four bed flare lights that fit both Quadrasteer and dually pick-ups and includes harnesses Figure $150 for entire set of lights. They can be parted separately within certain constraints. Also have a set of black painted power exterior mirrors. Figure $50 for them. Set of used bumper pads for rear bumper. A couple nicks in them on the sides but in great shape. The passenger side one is missing a tab but fits fine. If necessary, you could always put double sided tape where that tab is. This does not include the center piece. Only the sides. You will need the clips that go into the side of them (only 1 each). Figure $40 for them. All prices include shipping. All parts are used but in decent shape. None of the lights have leaks. They could all stand to be buffed. Will post pics upon request. Thanks for looking. -Rick
  11. Buddy's truck. Changed out the 73 bulb on cupholder with an LED. The bulb didn't work so we went to rotate it around. Everything was fine at first... but when we turned the LED around, something popped in the system. The HL switch was turned on so we could tell something stupid happened when the chiming stopped. So, at this point, everything else seems to work except for the HL on warning chime when the door is open and the cupholder light. We are trying to figure WTF fuse this is and drawing a blank. Any help?
  12. I need a set of MH1 6.0 projector adapter plates to retrofit onto 2002 Sierra Denali factor projector HLs. Please post up or email me at: [email protected]
  13. The gears show up on the cluster, but the indicator that surrounds which gear you are in is totally gone. What in the hell? Any ideas? If it helps, the truck also seemed to throw a security issue because it will start and cut out immediately after.
  14. Looking to swap out the ones on my truck for the newer ones with the Denali embroidered logo. Anyone know if the posts will line up on my seat? Thanks in advance. -Rick
  15. Speaking with General Spring about purchasing new leaf springs for the rear of my truck. They seemed a little confused about the Denali setup and thought it took a lesser amount of springs. Stock, it looks like my truck has a 4 spring setup. I don't see that on their site. I see a 3 or 5 spring offerings from them. Does it really matter what I go with? I understand that weight ratings change for a couple hundred pounds but I don't see much more of a difference. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.
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