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  1. 1 have 1995 chevy 1500 4x4. does front drive shaft slip joint bolt to diff. or transfer case
  2. thought about leaving just carrier in but have not tried that yet. i did take rear drive shaft out and test drove car.no vibration. acks like balance problem to me. any one feel thing way?
  3. one last up date. took rear drive shaft out and test drive it. had no vibration like before. sure points to drive shaft proble to me. any one else feel that way?
  4. i have thought of that but have not done it yet.
  5. the pinion are new. when i put back in the old ring & pinion.( that was test to see if prblem went away but it did not
  6. yes it has a balance weight on it. transcase full of oil. i have a one piece drive shaft. it vibrates in 4wd&2wd. under load and coasting. i took some run out readings on axle flange with axle installed in diff. and found .000 to.001 on flange face on both axles. also took run out on flange machined hub of flange got .000 to.001. i just rotated axle by hand to get readings. i am going to take out rear drive shaft and drive it again to check for vibration. last time i did this the problem went away. will let everyone tomorrow the results. one last thing i checked was axle bearing clearence and that was.007 to.008 on both axles. i just moved the axle up & down to measure clearence.
  7. i have a little more info. i used the lath to just hold the axle so i could get some kind off reading. no i did not cut the center at the chuck because i was not planning to make a cut on axle. i realize my .030 is .015 off center.( i will take wheels & brakes off and take run out on axle flange. ) i did take front drive shaft out and problem still there. took rear drive shaft out problem went away. i am wondering if the drive was not done right or the tranfer case has problems. i put different tires & wheels problem stiil there. the vibration done not go away when put car in neutral only changes with mph.
  8. i took run out with axle chucked betweet ceners on lath. run out worst in center of axle ffirst ring &pinion was new and second was used. i was tring to isolate problem. it has 3.73 ratio. vibration starts at 64mph (always same speed) and alittle better at higher speeds. no vibration until 64mph. i had drive shaft trued up and balanced with new u-joints after i had vibration problem
  9. i have 2001 sudurban 1500 4x4. carrier bearings went bad 3 months ago and it wrecked the rear end. itook it on my self to rebuild it. replaced ring&pinion and all bearings. set it up like i read in manuals. i ended up with a winn on coast and a vibration at 64pmh and up. took it apart again and could not see problem but did nitice the axle where up to .030 out of round. drove it that way until 2 days ago and i took apart again and put in different ring & pinion and pinion bearings. still have same problems. could it be the out of round axles or something i am missing. could use all the help i could get. thanks hunterjo
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