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  1. As far as supplier discount goes I notice this changed one day on the vehicle I ordered. I then messaged my salesman who asked the sales manager and they told me that it does have supplier pricing even if it’s not showing.
  2. What state are you in? I am not sure how long they had the truck in order prior to my deposit, I just know it’s being built this week. I’m in Arkansas, and I wasn’t sure how long trucks generally sit around before shipping? Do they come by truck, or train? I remember years back my 1/2 ton came on train from Mexico and got stuck in a yard for weeks and weeks, but these trucks are still made in Michigan, aren’t they?
  3. I recently put a deposit on a 2021 Diesel Denali and when checking today they said it's set to be built this week. If that's the case, is it realistic to think it would come by the end of the month to Arkansas? This isn't my daily driver, and I have negotiated a specific trade in if I keep the truck under 1,500 miles before delivery. I'm trying to get an idea of how conservative I need to be with the truck and if it's likely to see it in the next month, two months?
  4. Today I was making a 200 mile drive home and about 40 miles into my trip my DEF monitor goes off saying 300 miles and starts a countdown fast to 198 and then stops. About 20 minutes down the road it goes to low. I pull over and realize I have a leak. Is this something that has been brought up on here before? It looks like it's leaking from the circled area in the first picture. I plan on taking it to dealer in the morning but they seemed to be at a loss. Also worth noting it appears as if DEF somehow squirted on the engine bay. 2015 Denali with 62,000 miles on it.
  5. So i'm in the freight recovery business and we closed a claim on a bunch of camshafts a while back and I am trying to figure out exactly what GM 4.3L this goes to and can't. Who it was going to would make me think it's a current motor. I can't seem to find any pictures online of the LV3 internals. It's about identical to a Competition Cams 56-440-8 or the 262 from 96-2002 being sold on eBay but I don't really know how to tell the minimal differences. Will the same camshaft for all the 4.3's work in the new truck and vice versa? Trying to figure out my best way of exactly identifying to help move these.
  6. Update: I just ran some Lucas injector cleaner in a tank. While I didn't take trailer this trip, halfway through tank I was getting 19.5 on dash. A lot better than I have seen. Will keep updated. I am going to make another trip with trailer, then see what I get, and then remove level.
  7. Just the stuff they sell at Walmart, or a more in depth somewhere?
  8. No. It looked clean, ordered one though just to have on hand. I suppose I can replace.
  9. Just yesterday dash said 9.2MPG. Didn't do manual calc, but can tell you I didn't get there and back on a tank. I've even made trip since without trailer and there was very little difference.
  10. I hear you on that, just didn't know if there was a common issue that I missed when looking online at 6.2 problems.
  11. I went up a step on tires last month. So that did affect a little bit of mpg since, but very little that I didn't notice any change in my gas station stops. This was going on before I changed the tire size. I guess I will have to just take it in to them.
  12. I can not figure out what is going on with my truck. It was one of the first 6.2L 2014 Denalis that I received in November 2013. On Monday of every week I make a 425+ mile round trip. Every morning I can fill up right by my house, make the trip and get back home with a little bit of gas left in the tank. However, in the past several months it has severely dropped. Instead of using just under a full tank, it now takes me 1-3/4 a tank (Nearly two!). I pull a dual axle trailer with a light load. Right when I began to have this problem I did have a 2.5" RC Level on the truck but I can't imagine that causing the issue (I really believe it was having this problem before the level). Around town I get awful MPG even without a trailer so I couldn't imagine that affecting it this much. Is there somewhere I can begin? I've gotten gas from different places, even a station that runs 93 out of town. No improvement. Air filter looks good. My truck has 45,000 miles on it so it's out of bumper to bumper. Without having a check engine light on the dash, I didn't want to roll it into the dealership and have them get me too bad without doing a little research first.
  13. It was Harry Robinson, but I had to spoon feed and was already having issues with other things. It doesn't surprise me you're having difficulty.
  14. Apparently they stopped making the 275/60R20 as I can't find it anywhere in stock anymore, and all my local guys say their distributors don't have them.
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