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  1. As far as I got looking into this radio install option, I think everything you will need for this radio install is. Metra 95-3305 Maestro RR Maestro GM5 (ADS-HRN(SR)-GMS05) I believe that is all you will need. The RR is the brains of the system and the GM5 is the wiring for your truck. The Metra is the plastic dash piece. I would go with a Kenwood radio that is compatible with this harness. It shows you on the website witch ones support the data link. And you didn't say that you had a factory rear camera or not. But you can add an aftermarket rear camera to this setup if you want. If you do have a factory camera and it is on the rear view mirror you might have to splice into the factory wires for it to work on the radio. But I'm not totally sure about that. I hope this helps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. What is the wiring harness you are using? The wiring harness should have a reverse wire connection. Connect the reverse wire on the radio to that wire. That's if you have the right harness. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Are you connecting it to your factory head unit? Or an aftermarket? I have a Kenwood head unit and it has a button on the front so I can turn it onto the camera while I am driving. And it will still change it when I put it into reverse. If your head unit doesn't have this option then I'm not sure you could do this. Only other way is to wire it into the reverse input and a video input. Then change in to video in to see camera while driving but you will not have music. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi there, if you want to retain everything with a wiring harness that will give you data about the truck like air pressures, etc. Maestro iDatalink has the wiring you need. On there website http://maestro.idatalink.com you can see what radios will work with this harness. You can program the steering wheel control harness right on the website. Kenwood is one of the head units that will work. The dash kit you will need is Metra 95-3305. That is the plastic that goes around the radio. I didn't go with this setup because I did not know about this before I bought my setup. If I was going to do it again I would go this route. Here is what mine looks like. I have a Kenwood radio with no nav. I assume that your rear camera is going onto your mirror. To wire the rear camera the the radio you will have to splice into the factory wires under the dash. I know there is a write up on here about how to do this. Hope this helps!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Well I just got the heated seat fixed. I went to a different dealership and they fixed it in about an hour and a half. They replaced the heating element. The invoice said that a new heat pad was $131 Canadian. I have an extended warranty so I didn't have to pay that. It's pretty bad that you go to one dealership and they say that the heated seats are not factory installed and then ever call you back. Then another dealer finds the problem and just fixes it. Then sends you on your way. I guess I will never go back to that dealership..
  6. HI, I think I'm going to take the truck to a different dealership. This is a picture to the Codes in my glove box and it does say 1SD. I noticed in the brochure on page 12 it lists the Sierra 1500 Model Overview. Under SLT lists "Full Feature Heated power 10-way Front bucket seats with leather seat inserts. Also on I see page 13 it says that heated seats are standard on SLT models. Thanks for the info!
  7. Hi, This is my first time joining a forum. I have a 2011 GMC Sierra SLT All Terrain Summit White Crew Cab. I have a problem with the heated seat on the drivers side back. The seat heats up but not the back. If I just put the heat on the back it shuts off in minutes. The truck is still under warranty and I have taken it to my local dealership and they first said that it was the switch. But when I taken it back to get the switch installed, they ordered the wrong switch. Then they said that the heated seats were not factory installed. The switch is on the door with the memory seats. What is the code for heated seats in the glove box? I have the window sticker and it says (Leather Appointed Full Feature Front Bucket Seats) Should this say Heated Seats?? How do I know if they are telling me the truth? I know its probably a heating element in the seat but they should fix it instead of giving me the run around.
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