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  1. Sweet, thanks for confirming. The weather is finally breaking here in Maryland... time to get the streetglide out for some exercise.
  2. Hey man, I installed the Corsa cat back system today. My question to you is, did you have a muffler shop delete the third cat and re-weld a piece of straight pipe in? I planned on deleting the third cat today while installing the Corsa system but realized after I got it up a lift everything was welded on both sides of the third cat. V/R, Sean
  3. Here is my truck. I really like the color.
  4. So I ordered the Corsa system from autoanything. Will ship between 4/16 - 4/18. I wonder if I will get the newer style muffler? Does anybody have a part# for the Corsa CAI? Has any one installed one yet? I know it is basically the same CAI as Violent, I just the fact that it has Corsa's name on top of the box...
  5. You have them... Spend the half hour putting them on, have a beer :-) and report back with results after towing your TT. Who knows... I might be missing out on the benefits of having them installed on my truck. Happy Towing!!!
  6. Good evening, The way I look at it is, my truck came from the factory with the p-metric ( 4 ply ) tires on it. Which means to me my trucks weight carrying capacity was set by the manufacturer with the 4 ply tires that it came with. I will tow this TT 6 to 8 times a year for long weekend trips there for I will not be going to far away from home maybe 200 miles. I use the truck as a daily driver so putting a stiffer ply tire on it is not needed in my opinion. The reason I am not 100% sold on the tembren system for helping with towing my TT is (the way I understand how they work), they are mo
  7. Good evening, So the manufacturer of my TT is Cruiser RVs. The model is VIEWFINDER Signature 32KIBH. Dry weight is 7830 with a tongue weight of 810 lbs. I purchased the TT from Holman RV in Ohio. First class outfit!! So from what I can gather, they made my model TT for 3 years, that being 12,13 and 14. I believe they changed the model late in 14 to what you are looking at. This is my first TT and I am very pleased with it. The WDH I use is the Equal-i-zer with built in 4 point sway control (awesome system). I have had the truck up to around 65mph towing with very little sway at that
  8. Good evening, I pulled my TT for the first time this weekend. My truck managed the short 50 mile trip perfectly. Spec's on the TT are 36' 6" long and weighing in about 8800 lbs loaded. Overall... I am a very happy camper with my setup!!! LOL 5.3 with 3.42
  9. I tried calling ultimatetonnocover.com this evening for grins, same address as truckaddons.com.Once again fast busy signal. I also found another site called fenderflares.com. Same address, I tried calling them, got a fast busy signal. I will start the ball rolling with the credit card company tomorrow to dispute the charge. To bad I can't bill the company for my time and a little interest. Do you guys have any idea what the best price is on a Bakflip VP? The model # I am looking for is 162120. Thanks in advance...
  10. Good evening, Yes, it was a typo. Same company/companies I am talking about. I emailed the customer support people telling them they had until the 6th of March to have some answers for me or I would start the dispute claim with my credit card company. So far no response. I also tried calling the phone numbers listed and still fast busy signal on the other end. It is sad to have such a good thing going and run it in the ground. I understand things happen, but taking money from people and not giving them the end product that we all work hard for should be a crime. I just hope th
  11. Hello All, It has been my experience and opinion to inform you "forum member's" to stay clear of ordering aftermarket accessories from truckadons.com (TrailBlazers) along with any other web companies that fall under them. I have been trying to reach this company since last Monday the 24th of Feb for information about a tonneau cover I ordered and paid for on the 17th of Feb with no luck! After doing my own investigating, I have learned that mentioned above companies are taking money from customers but not paying the disturbers therefore we customers do not receive what we pay for. I h
  12. Nice truck!! Kick Ass tag :-) I have a street glide hibernating in my garage as well. Congrats on your new ride!! Keep her shiny side up.
  13. My truck rides really smooth/nice with the 22's. The 5.3 will spin the Bridgestone Duelers pretty good as well. I was very impressed getting on the gas after the light turned green. I said to myself "Damn" I just spun tires and really did not try that hard. LOL!! IMO, the truck looks complete with the big wheels.
  14. I am curious myself. Does Performance Tune adjust ECM and TCM?
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