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  1. The pump runs all the time. I had a gander at the pump when the mechanic tore it down. There is what appears to be a part that looks like a large tongue depressor (don't know how else to describe it) that spins inside the housing. In my case, it appeared that the spinning object ate away the inside of the housing resulting in metal shavings being deposited in the oil.
  2. Same year and engine as yours. GM denied the warranty but they have a "Customer Assistance" program they offered and replaced the motor. I had to pay some cash which was about the same as what I was going to shell out for a 100,000 mile service. All in all I was satisfied.
  3. Here is the scenario. 2014 Silverado 1500 with 99,000 +/- miles on it taken to the dealer. Code shows oil pump. Mechanic takes the oil pan off and sees a lot of metal. Technician tears the engine down and GM denies warranty claim stating the Vacuum pump disintegrated and that led to the engine failure. Vacuum pump was only warrantied to 36,000 miles. I'm no a mechanic, but how in the world can a vacuum pump cause an engine to fail?? Thoughts?
  4. Took my 2014 1500 to the local Audio Store to have them connect the Amber Lights and The White LED's. They connected the White LED's to a switch and they work fine. However, the Amber lights DO NOT come on when the lights turn on via the dusk to dawn sensor. However, they do come on when the light knob is is used to manually turn the lights on. Any thoughts on what I need to tell them when I take it back to them?
  5. Seasoned, How did the install go? Any pics of the location of the switch?
  6. I agree, I want mine on a seperate switch. The problem I am having is deciding where to put the switch. I have an Z71 LTZ, 4WD. Any thoughts or suggestions on where to locate it?
  7. I was going to wire the LEDs to the reverse circuit, but I am now reconsidering. With the mirrors folded in and with the truck in reverse (backing out of the garage), wouldn't the LED lights be over powering shining directly into the cab? Any advice?
  8. The "Diode" trick is good. The question I need to ask is, where / which wire would you tap to get power to the mirror LED's?
  9. Do the LED's in the mirror actually provide enhanced illumination while backing up, or is it just for show?
  10. Has anyone actually hooked the small white LED's up to the reverse circuit? If so, do you gain much illumination by having them come on while in reverse?
  11. GOT MY MIRRORS TODAY!! Shooting for an install this weekend. Debating whether to have the clearance lights on with the parking lights or have them function strictly as a blinker. Opinions?? Does anyone know what size nut is needed for the 4th. stud?
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