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  1. i would try this first http://www.carid.com/wood-dash-kits.html
  2. i got a 2014 gmc truck like mine for my employee i have a 2014 silverado that are the same truck and options except his does not have heated seats her goes pulled the trim of his around the screen and sure enough the wiring was there after inspection of the seats all the wiring is the same installed my trim with the heated buttons on his and nothing ,no lights or heat does the screen need to be reflashed at dealer? any help would be great thanks in advance mike
  3. went from toronto ontario to indianapolis for the moto gp truck has 5.3 3.42 unloaded the trailer weighs 6950 lbs total weight at the scale with truck was 13200lbs pulled fantastic,could not be happier i no not many hills, but the highest it climbed was 2800 rpm
  4. i wish someone would speak up about how it runs on regular there must be someone
  5. i weights 6800 dry and the pulls no problem 5.3 3.42 my question is as by the pic u can see that the trailer does not sit level,just a little off should i lower the ball or tighten the sway bars? no expert in this field thanks in advance mike
  6. on the gm web site it says the 6.2 can run on regular so wondering why everyone runs premium? no mechanic here mike
  7. are u guys running regular 87 in the 6.2 if so,how is the mpg mike
  8. just curious to no how it runs on unleaded up here the web page says that it can run on unleaded our gas is alot different than the states,my understanding is the states have better quality mike
  9. anyone here have the new 6.2 was thinking of upgrading my 2014 5.3 your thoughts would much appreciated mike
  10. have a 2014 5.3 3.42 with trailer brakes currently towing 5000 lbs no problem does any one have experience towing of 8100 lb travel trailer that is the dry wieght thanks mike
  11. thanks thats what i thought a nother travel trailer it is mike
  12. i currently have a 2014 5.3 .3.42 with built in brake controller suppose to be good for 9500 lbs i understand the pin weight is the biggest problem for light towing only what do u guys thing of this? any one tow a 5th with similiar specs? thanks in adavance mike http://www.jayco.com/products/fifth-wheels/2015-eagle-ht/285rsts/
  13. thought i would share this hope it helps mike http://rvtowcheck.com/ http://www.chevrolet.com/silverado-1500-pickup-truck/specs/capabilities.html
  14. i have a 2014 DC 6 foot box and now pull a travel trailer rated at 5800 lbs loaded i would think , pulls it fantastic,never over 2800 rpm even in hills makes my old 08 (same config) look like a joke, this is why i am looking at a samll 5th wheel,rated at no more than 8-8500lbs max mike
  15. is anyone towing a small 5th wheel with the 5.3/4.32 mike
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