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  1. Coded keys?

    no problem, I hope it works out for ya and your dealership offers this as an option.
  2. Coded keys?

    If the ignition cylinder was untouched then you're honestly golden. I work in parts at a dealer and we code cylinders all the time for customers. There's no programming for a door cylinder so hopefully your local dealer is like mine where parts can build the cylinder to your code (usually like to have an original key just to make sure its all good) and it would be a matter of swapping the door cylinder. Usually there's an extra charge for building the cylinder, it is extra time so it makes sense but that's how we do it.
  3. Coded keys?

    You don't get a new key when you buy a lock cylinder. The cylinder will come as a blank kit that is then coded with the tumblers to match your vehicles key code. There will still likely be some kind of programming required for the install of the cylinder but no, you will not need to replace all the lock cylinders. Not sure who told you this or why so many people are agreeing but its just not the case. Your old keys will be just fine and only the cylinders that were damaged will need to be replaced.
  4. So, there's actually 2 flaps on this system, one that you can see at the end, and there's a second further in which is why you need a special funnel to fuel with a jerry can. Its too bad that because the OP doesn't like it, it automatically makes it a "poorly designed mess", its not. But this is the way all manufacturers are going.
  5. 2019 Ram thoughts

    I personally really like the 2019 Rams like other have said. Exterior styling (has to be the painted grill instead for me personally) is incredible and no one can deny the interior styling. I was considering over the winter whether or not to upgrade my current 15 Silverado (until I got my summer wheels back on and am in love again) and was seriously considering the 19 rams. I grew up with a father that worked at Chrysler/Dodge dealers for more than 25 years so I guess its branded in me a little. I tell everyone I know, I work at chev so I drive a chev, if I worked at dodge then I would drive a dodge, and if I worked at ford... well.. i'd drive a dodge...
  6. 18" Wheel Part number

    P/N: 22815067 EDIT: sorry... that's for the machined face, to the best of my knowledge, there is no full painted option from GM for that style other than a black version of that style. Its likely a replica wheel by some aftermarket company.
  7. Great write up. I have to admit, I've been a dodge guy for a long time. I'll attribute that to having grown up with a father working at Chrysler dealers for over 20 years. With that said, I will admit pretty much all the new trucks seem to have their ups and downs, it just depends on what you're looking for. Me personally, I work at a chevy dealer in parts so I drive a chevy, if I worked at dodge, I'd drive a dodge, and if I worked at ford... well.. I'd likely drive a dodge. Still though, great write up and will probably consider dodges when I look at upgrading in 2020.
  8. 2018 remote start

    I'm 99% sure that it cannot be done without a GM Tech 2 Scanner and will absolutely require your dealer to program it.
  9. No problem, I work in a GM dealer parts department and its quiet at the moment. lol
  10. Based on your VIN, this should be the part number you need for your truck for the driver side seat cover. 23423855 Passenger side is different. I would price it out for ya but I'm up in Canada.
  11. 2018 remote start

    There are older posts on this topic. Once the GM remote start system is installed, you can contact onstar, speak to their Tier 2 Tech Support and they'll have to put in a ticket to have your vin updated in their system to reflect as though your vehicle came with BTV (rpo code for remote start) and then the app will allow for remote start right from your phone. Pretty nice, takes about a week but worth it.
  12. got the last 8 of your VIN?
  13. They are the same colour, in GM's parts system, a paint pen for GAZ has this description 19328527 PAINT, TOUCH-UP TUBE (.5 OZ) (SUMMIT WHITE/OLYMPIC WHITE) (WA 8624) (ALL-IN ONE) (.25 OZ COLOR/.25 OZ CLEAR) (ACDelco #19328527) CK1,2,3 EXTERIOR COLOR (GAZ) 2014-2018 01 0 80C SS001 Both colours have the same RPO code and the same paint code of WA 8624.

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