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  1. This is false. The upper controls arms for both the trailboss and the standard height 1500's are exactly the same part number as looked up by VIN numbers in GM's parts catalog. As well, GM offers the factory lift as an accessory package that also DOES NOT include control arms.
  2. These are really interesting numbers. I currently have a cold air intake and borla exhaust on my truck. Going to be adding shorty headers and L86 intake manifold and throttle body with an HPTuners tune. My goal is to make RWHP of around 320-330 and RWT upwards of the 360 range. I think I'm being optimistic but we'll see what happens...
  3. I understand stopping is also a factor however, when my truck rated for 9600lbs of towing capacity has the same brakes as a truck with the max tow option legally capable of pulling a 11-12K lb trailer, I'm less concerned with that, and more concerned about my drivetrain. But thanks.
  4. That's sorta what I was figuring I guess. With weight distribution hitch and everything all said I'll probably be just fine but pushing it to capacity. Ideally I'm hoping to find something around the 4500-5500lb dry weight then even with the gear I should be able to tow that all day long. Definitely appreciate the input.
  5. Hey everyone, haven't posted in a while but I need some help. I have a 2015 1500 double cab 5.3L 3.42 gears. I'm in the market for my first travel trailer and I want to make sure I'm going to be safe. I'm looking at a 2014 Forest River Cherokee 274DBH and its dry weight is 6261lbs. My truck is rated for 9600lbs but I'm concerned that once its loaded that I'm going to be pushing it pretty close to the limit. Any thoughts, tips, advice, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!
  6. That will be entirely dependant on the dealer. They should give you some kind of discount for sure. Depending on how much they actually made on the deal they may have room to through them in at no charge but that's all up to them. At the very least I would ask for them at their new car departments price.
  7. Offset for all factory Silverado and Sierra 20" wheels for the 2019 new body and up is a +28 offset.
  8. Those tires unfortunately are going to look excessively small on that truck if you go with a 6" lift. Unfortunately a 10ply is going to be your only real option to go with in a 35 if you want to avoid your truck looking like it skipped leg day.
  9. Hey, so I know exactly what you're talking about and I've researched this a fair bit. The way I've looked at it is, there is an armrest that should be able to bolt in place of your existing one. You'll have to swap over the seat belt and some of the trim pieces. In anything I've looked at, I don't see why it won't work. If you're interior RPO Code is "HOU" then have your local dealership look into P/N: 84541195 for the armrest and if you want the liner P/N: 84166736. I'm not saying that this has been tried and is a 100% thing, I'm just saying that I don't see any reason what so ever as to why this wouldn't work. Parts you're looking around $600 Canadian so likely much cheaper for you down in Texas.
  10. Its not so much the offset that's causing the issue. What's I've seen is that the caliper actually sticks out past the hub a little so any wheel, regardless of offset, that had spokes that run straight out from the hub are not going to clear the caliper. The spokes need to instantly taper towards the outside of the vehicle in order to clear the caliper.
  11. The majority of the level kits I've seen specify that they're not to be used with Magride. That being said, they new model trucks don't actually have the old magride system, they're adopted a dynamic ride control system. Same result but very different system but regardless, most industries advise against lift/levels for both of those style systems.
  12. I don't entirely understand the point you're trying to make. I work at a GM dealer and am well aware of the configurations and styles available for the new trucks. My comment was simply stating that of the two trucks posted, of the original posters previously owned vs. his new purchase, I preferred his old truck and gave an explanation as to why. Had he purchased something more along those the lines the picture you posted, unrelated to what the vote was for, I would have voted accordingly.
  13. Yes, I completely understand that. He was wanting to compare those two specific trucks. So in that instance, because the OP does not have one of those colour matched models, in my opinion, I was more of a fan of his previous truck.
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