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  1. I pulled mine off and left it off, looks good but painting it had crossed my mind
  2. I'm assuming it's around about the same for the rear as well, looks great
  3. I knew the bodies changed but like on the fords, the mirror mounting stayed the same, was curious if gm was smart enough to do the same for us who don't want to lose the power fold option we paid for
  4. Okay, my '07 LTZ has the small factory power folding mirrors and the only reason they haven't been traded for the tow mirrors is because they didn't power fold. Now that they have the power folds out I'm curious as to if they will fit a gmt 900?
  5. Mine in the ltz ext cab opens all the way, just fight with it leaking.
  6. MS3DALE do you know by chance the numbers for the harness', if you do and you could pm me i would greatly appreciate it
  7. Okay so this may be a dumb thought but I'll throw it out there. So my '07 1500 LTZ has the Tahoe interior in it. The other day i got to ride in my mother's 07 Tahoe ltz for the first time (in the back of course) and noticed that it has a radio in the rear of the center console. Here lies the question, had anyone tried or can it be done on a 1500 ext. cab so my daughter can listen to get Disney songs without driving parents (me) nuts on a long truck ride? Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated!!!!
  8. I have one in my 07 ltz and love it, worth the rain visors on the fronts you can Crack them and Crack the back window withthe button and get goodairflow. Plus works good backing boat down in water lol
  9. That looks great, and pretty bad a$$ if I do say so myself. Where did you get the light bar
  10. I know they do the high 4, the kit I'm talking about that I installed doesn't let the factory fog lights cancell out in high beam
  11. There is a kit I bought on eBay that when you turn your brights on it includes the fogs if that would be anything you'd be interested in, works damn good other than I wasn't too big on the scotch lock they sent so I soldered and heat shrank my connections.
  12. Anyone try adding an LED off-road light bar behind grille to make it hide away, but add the extra light? End goal for the vmax of mine is a zone 3" lift and wheels n tires but was considering a off road bar but want it hide it. Looking for mounting suggestions without cutting grille just let it shine throughout the mesh
  13. Well here's what I came up with, number 6 intake lifter was locked up in the compressed position and the reason the fuel was getting in there and making that plug wet, I assume was the suction from the intake stroke was strong enough to draft that intake valve out and was letting the fuel that fired out before down in with not enough air to "bang it". I will be able to post a pic or two tomorrow but have to be at work soon. Just excited to have my truck back finally!!
  14. That I have done and all seem to be moving as should.
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