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  1. Tonneau Cover ID

    Had the same one on my Silverado until it blew off on i55 come to find out it’s on recall
  2. Most miles on one tank of gas

    took my truck down to st Louis last week trip was around 250 miles one way was getting around 19-20 mpg 6.2L running premium
  3. What Are Ya Drinking

    some coldcock whiskey i got from my buddies in a heavy metal band form STL they are sponsored by coldcock if anyones into heavy metal check them out www.Finaldrive.org
  4. Premium Fuel With 6.2L?

    not sure but there are some place were you can get it for 40 cents more but its like sams club and last time i used there regular gas in my 14 5.3 went thru it like is was nothing
  5. Premium Fuel With 6.2L?

    if you lucky you can get it for $0.30 more than regular but here in Illinois its between $0.50 to $0.80 more then regular
  6. thats crazy checked chevy and GMC website for 2015 it was only $300 difference for crew cab standard box 2015 chevy Crew Cab, Short Box MSRP from $36,165† Crew Cab, Standard BoxMSRP from $36,465† 2015 GMC Crew Cab, Short Box MSRP Starting at $36,935† Crew Cab, Standard Box MSRP Starting at $37,235†
  7. the truck didn't come with running boards so i took the ones off my trade in 14 silverado they don't look to bad i needed them so my mom can get in and out of the truck Thanks
  8. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    2015 Silverado LTZ Z71 Midnight Edition 6.2L
  9. just bought this 2015 chevy silverado LTZ Z71 Midnight Edition
  10. Chevy overviews 2016 Silverado updates- Photo

    http://www.chevrolet.com/2016-silverado.html The 2016 Silverado also offers new available advanced features including: Remote locking tailgate Chevrolet MyLink infotainment 2.5† offering support for Apple CarPlay† and Android Auto† Wireless charging for compatible smartphones Lane Keep Assist High beam assist Articulating power running boards The new 2016 Silverado will be rolling into dealerships this Fall.
  11. FS:GMT900 parts

    everything here is off a 2013 silverado ruby red metallic crew cab with only 6,000 miles for pick up only items i live in joliet IL 1. oem tonneau cover asking 800 OBO pick up only 2. center console 400 OBO pick up only 3. ruby red metallic door handles and mirror caps 120 OBO plus shipping 4. oem running boards 500 OBO pick up only 5. oem black mud flaps 60 OBO plus shipping 6. bed rug 300 OBO pick up only if you have any question about anything just ask only have pics of some of the item if you want to see something else just let me know
  12. What's the coolest thing you ever inherited/recieved?

    not sure what this is found it few years back when my uncle past away only marks i can read on the knife is JAPAN 386 any one seen a knife like this before
  13. Kryptonite?

    if you would of read my post http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/160608-frame-waxundercoating/page-2 you would of seen this pic and at the bottom it is one of the parts needed to do the fix part 36502 Lloyds kryptonite metal treatment
  14. Frame Wax/Undercoating

  15. Frame Wax/Undercoating


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