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  1. The pictured switch set is not an off-the-shelf item. You have to buy part #23145202 and #23145158, then take them apart and combine them together. I just went to my GM dealers parts department and ordered both.
  2. You need to use relays and run power straight form the battery. You also need a capacitor between the stock wiring harness and your relays so they do not flicker when it runs the daytime running lights. I run 55 watt HID's in my Silverado with no heat problems. If you leave the dust covers off I would imagine yes, you would get condensation.
  3. Thanks man, my light hasn't budged one bit since I installed them and the stainless screws I added after really helped the look. No one asked me how I made them because they were too busy buying them. As for making the brackets, I am a machinist so it only made sense to do something like this. I'm actually just starting another batch of these, if you're interested in a set feel free to shoot me a private message. I was going to put them on eBay but never got around to it when I got flooded with requests right off this forum. - Colton.
  4. I always thought that was the Microphone for OnStar and Bluetooth calling?
  5. Same thing happened to me, I had developed some corrosion around my ground wire. I took that off, did some sanding and a fresh connection. Everything is good again.
  6. Thanks man, it's still working great. A lot of others have purchased my mounts now, always seems to line up very nicely with a 30" bar.
  7. They fit, that's what I had. Then I added a 1" level to the front later on just to make it look better.
  8. I have a 2014 Silverado, I got the OnStar update done to run on 4G about 2 months ago. Everything has been good until today. Every time I start my truck the OnStar voice comes on and says "this vehicle is connected to OnStar by limited service". My cell phone works fine so I'm not sure why it started doing this. Anyone else experience this? Thanks.
  9. That way the dealers can tell people "operation normal" when the seat isn't getting very cold hahaha. My 2014 "cooled" seats should have been titled "vented" then I wouldn't be so disappointed lol.
  10. I just had this done, took 6 hours (with an oil change at the same time). They loaded a new radio calibration and supposedly changed some hardware to make the 4G work. Originally when I got the e-mail from on-star I tried to schedule the upgrade on-line. This didn't work because they force you to select a new subscription (I do not subscribe). So I called them up and explained I wanted the 4G upgrade to use the remaining 4 free years of the remote link app, I was transferred twice and then they said it was fine, two weeks later it was done. I also got 3GB of free data with it, haven't tried to use it yet, don't really need it. I guess if your vehicle is not a 2014 you have to be an OnStar subscriber to get the update.
  11. Hey everyone, Just another quick shout out for anyone looking, I just made another batch of brackets so they are available again. Anyone interested just e-mail me. [email protected] Cheers
  12. I bought the exact thing pictured when I got my truck in Feb. 2014, it worked great for over a year until I noticed that I had magically trashed my paint after the last wash. However the problem was only on the last panel I cleaned. I'm thinking I picked up some grit getting too close to the tires or from the bottom of my bucket. I machine washed the pad after every wash and it seemed to do good for almost that whole year. I would recommend that mitt on a stick but use a grit guard in your bucket and toss the thing after 6 months for a new one.
  13. I have sent you a PM. For anyone else browsing, the light bar is an aurora led 30" single row - combo beam pattern. I am still selling the light bar brackets, they are available now for $99/set + shipping. Anyone, please feel free to message me for a set. Thanks for the interest, Colton
  14. I agree, it works great. I use their leather cleaner and then the conditioner. Not that the GM "leather" needs conditioning, I find it restores the new truck smell.
  15. The XB bulbs are exactly what you want. They mount at a different angle than the regular X35 bulbs. It gets rid of any shadows in your beam pattern. TRS claims the XB bulbs also put out better light but I haven't noticed a difference in that regard. I have my ballasts mounted under the plastic cover to the left and right of the hood latch, can't even see them, it's great. I've got my HD relay and capacitor link mounted in an ugly ball of wires on top of my airbox, for now...
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