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  1. are you talking about trans pan? the trans never went above 196 which is where it has stayed the entire time i have owned the truck. The coolant was the only thing that crept up a little above the normal 210. You mean just putting in a lower temp thermostat, when you say mod?
  2. have not done trans fluids yet, it is was on the list for this year once i got to 100k. I can drop the diff fluid pretty quickly. but maybe want a pro to do the trans fluid. thanks mike
  3. Hey all, been a wicked long time since i checked in. But I just bought a 29' (7600lb gvw 5500lb dry) travel trailer and was wondering if there is any essential things i need to do/have to tow the thing around. I towed it home about 35 miles and the temp crept a little over 210 on the gauge when i was going uphill but came right back down after the hill. I was wondering if that is normal? I did the thermostat and coolant flush back in march/April. Just turned 101k so maybe water pump time? Any feedback from guys that tow would be helpful, as i have never towed with the truck in 5 years.
  4. Live in New England and have not experienced it. At the same time it is dark when I start my truck. Just a thought, if it is a cold start issue, they may be adding a lot of fuel due to the temp sensor dumping fuel because of the temp, that may cause a little ring wash (loss/drop in compression) and that would cause a long crank and then when it does fire blow some black smoke. -4 degrees is extremely cold, but the block heater should keep up, we have hit 0 here and it started fine for me mike
  5. My situation is very similar to yours as well, trying to go the buy back/trade exchange route. My truck was built 6/2013, vibrated a little on original test drive and I also attributed to sitting/ flat spots. Bought 12/30/13 so it was possible. If I were you make sure there is no drone, vibration, all the radio and climate control led's work, stay the hell away from goodyear assurance tires. They were all out of road force spec from the factory and got worse the more you drive. My driveshaft was out of balance as well. If you can get the newest build date possible and it drives well do that. Curious how you got to the buy back? What steps did you have to take?
  6. Have to wait till the end of the week, most likely next week to get everything figured out. Service manager is away and general sales manager is in Russia watching the olympics. was there any improvement at all from the new tires?
  7. Truck looks great, glad tp see you kept the stock wheels, I want to bump up one maybe two tire sizes and do the lift was wondering how it would look with the wheels, What kind of steps are those like the black?
  8. Yeah door jam, area behind the door, i guess the sill, or threshold. must be a new england thing
  9. the build date is on the sticker in the door jam.
  10. Sorry for you brother, this entire process is so frustrating. I am dealing with GM now, Dealership pretty much said they can not do anything more for me and directed me to go to GM. We talked on friday, idk what the ultimate result is going to be yet, but tomorrow is the day I hope this will all be resolved. Idk if I asked you this yet, but when was your truck built, mine was june 2013. Just curious
  11. My truck has that vibration as well, and in the steering wheel, very noticeable in V4 mode, but still there in 8mode. I have had a gm field service engineer address this, he replace two rear tires and balanced my drive shaft, picked it up slightly better, steering wheel still vibrated, and now after two days i can feel it in the flor again. They treid swapping tires to bridgestone duelers to no avail. It is escalated to gm district manager. I hate my entire experience with this s-box truck. 44k does not get you much these days, lets hope GM steps us for us.
  12. Just an update on my vibration issues, after the bridgestones were installed still vibrates over 60. Not the v4 drone that happens, at least in mine do other people feel that? The vibration is in the steering wheel, and floor, it feels like you are never in a smooth road, ever. Constant vibration in the steering wheel on the highway, over 2k on it and it did since day one, balancing the driveshaft did help a little, but feels like it is coming back. GM field service engineer said it was fixed and now dealership is saying there hands are tied and have to wait to here from district manager to see about a resolution. How would other people describe there vibration? How did they give you on trade?
  13. If they can give me one that does not vibrate then I am interested, if they all ride like mine then hell no. Hopefully get an answer from gm tomorrow.
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