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  1. So I installed HID's a while back and finally got to wiring in the relay. Had the usual check engine light that I took care of but now when I shift out of park I get a buzzing in behind my LCD screen. It's getting really annoying.
  2. That's exactly where my muffler is. Just be warned haha Mine is also a racing muffler so maybe because it's louder it's more noticeable.
  3. I threw on a Flo Pro Twister onto my truck and immediately hated the V4 drone. Without that flapper you will hate your life. Days later I got the truck custom tuned so it doesn't drop to V4.
  4. Im personally looking at the Zone 2 inch leveling matched with the 1.5" body lift. Minimal changes done to suspension but I still get a little more height. I had the 3.5" RCX and 1.25" RCX body lift and you're right. Even with the aftermarket upper control arms it was hard on ball joints (Didn't even last a year before they were getting loose) and I find that 3.5" of spacer is WAY too much. Allowed my suspension to travel too far down and caused me major issues. So I traded in my 2011 for my current 2014. This is why I only want to go really basic with my lift. Do that with some -12 offse
  5. Go get yourself a Bak Industries Bakflip covers. It's a tri fold. I work at a store that installs them. VERY easy to install and they are for sure waterproof. You'd pay about $1200 in Canada for it so if you're from the states I bet it's cheaper haha
  6. I ran these lifts and it ruined my truck. To the point of me trading it in for a completely stock vehicle because I was sick of it.
  7. And then there is me. I plugged my intune into my truck and it wouldn't start afterward. Then the "Tech Support" sent me some files and I loaded them and it all failed and happened again, but the second time I couldn't return it to stock without emailing back and forth with "Tech support" for half the day to get my truck running. Never buying a handheld again. Going full custom tune if I ever do.
  8. Yep it's the main reason why I upgraded my truck. I owned a 2011 EXT cab Reg box. Felt so bad putting people in the back seat haha but didn't want to sacrifice box space. Now with these new trucks the Crew cabs are HUGE and the normal sized box is really nice. I think it gives the truck a better overall look.
  9. I cut the muffler off my truck and installed a pipe that dumped at the axle. I loved the sound but it was definitely a little much with the highway drone. Also I had the truck tuned so it wouldn't drop down to 4 cylinders. Im actually interested in this myself because I just want to throw a muffler on for more sound aswell. I was thinking of going with a Flo Pro Tornado.
  10. Yup totally did. I wanted to eventually get a custom tune by him too but I have now lost all faith in DiabloSport. Specially because I have another member in my club having the same issue with a different truck.
  11. Hey I have an Intune that I bought for my 2011 Sierra. Used it on the Sierra no issues, but I traded that truck in for my 2014 Silverado. The Intune will not work on this truck for some odd reason and DiabloSport isnt doing much to help me out. DONT buy an Intune. I'd go with what crushNchowda said and try to find a local shop with a Dyno. Especially running that lift and those tires you want the tuning to be perfect to get as much as possible out of the truck.
  12. Yes sir I would have to agree. I had a 2011 Sierra that I traded in for my current (The truck still in my sig)
  13. Yes something along those lines for sure.
  14. 8K is when they start to blue 6K is more pure white. If you google "HID color temperatures" it will show you all the different temperatures you can get
  15. Check out those retro fit sites the other guys posted. They can retro fit your stock lights so you have the stock look with aftermarket internals. I just put 6k HIDs in my truck and 6k is definitely the way to go
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