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  1. Good solution for your color truck! Do you have any rubber in a Dune color to match my truck? I noticed my 2004 chevy had a ribbed rubber pad in the same location. I guess now 10 years latter with bigger heavier FOB's GM figured they didnt need to put them on a 35-55K truck? Or maybe they figured that if they raised the list price by a few thousand and remove a .50 molded part that their bottom line would be so much better and no one would notice the missing little things.
  2. I voted Love my truck but too many problems. You should add a column with Love it with just a few problems. GMC SLT Crew with 3300 miles Really I love it with only few problems, like the heated cooled seats that don't heat, the nav is way too basic / limited. The XM reception is the worst and I hate how my keys are always hitting the steering column. Also I'm not overly impressed with the amount of storage either, since I didnt find any revolutionary storage spaces similiar to the Rams. I still think an 8 speed would be better for towing and fuel ecomony. The ride and drivetrain are OK so far. Handling and braking are excelent! My opinion is that GM makes a decent truck but I woudlnt say they provide the best value.
  3. After giving my owners manual a reading it claims you can get and read text messages and auto respond to a text if you have that option. Does anyone have that option on their truck? If so how does it work for you?
  4. So far I have found the only good thing about onstar is you can have the onstar lady find a business or place by name since the nav is too basic to do that.
  5. I just read my owners manual and it shows a 5.3 with 3:42 gears is rated to tow 9.600 and the 6.2 is rated to only tow 9,500! Is the 5.3 100 lbs lighter than a 6.2? Might be the only thing a 5.3 can brag about when compared to a 6.2...oh wait a 5.3 gets 1mpg better gas mileage!
  6. I just purchased a 2014 GMC SLT and it didn't come with factory mud flaps. so I purchased a set from my local GMC dealer. following the instructions I drilled two 9mm holes for the knurled nutserts only to find out that 9mm is about .8mm too large so now I have 2 9mm holes in my fender that don't retain the top two mounting points (nutserts) for my front mud flaps. I tried contacting GMC using their customer service website, only to be told that I must have done something wrong and they recommend that only qualified service techs install mud flaps. I'm posting here to let some other unsuspecting new owner know about this problem to save them the same aggravation! It seems like some customer service people from GM are following this site so maybe GM will actually look at the instructions and correct them. Needless to say I'm upset that I have 2 oversized holes in my new truck that are not holding my mud flaps on.!
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