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  1. I had a bad seat memory control module - dealer needs to run a parasitic battery drain test - my seat control module tried to communicate 290 times over a weekend at the dealer and drained the battery - GM just came out with a newly designed module - installed and no problems since.
  2. Had the single Seat Control Module under the drivers seat replaced with new designed module from GM - dead battery after 3 days due to Seat Control Module trying to communicate 290 times over two days and draining battery - stopped the battery drain. Not clear what your problems are ...
  3. New Seat Control Module installed yesterday and put on analyzer overnight to check for any battery discharge - none - so just picked up my truck. The new seat control modules should be available if anyone has this problem. GM had issued a GM-Techline notice in June 2020 about the bad seat control modules and they are just now available ........... lots of supply/manufacturing issues around the world for GM. Local repairing dealer gets an A plus !
  4. New Seat Control Module in Cincinnati on Friday and on its way to my repairing Dealer north of Detroit for possible repair on Monday and then a day or two to make sure that it is the only cause of the battery draining to dead over 3 days ..............
  5. Am I the only one with a Bad Seat Control Module ? Bad module was draining the battery - tried to connect 290 times over a weekend at the dealer and drained the battery. GM now updating module and is shipping the new part to part warehouses. Truck has been down 28 days waiting on the new part to get to the dealer for repair. Dealer would not release truck with fuse pulled on bad seat control module nor install a "new" old designed part - had to wait on the new part. GM had 240 new modules produced on the first run.
  6. Newly Designed Seat Control Module to be shipped first week in March. Hopefully they kept my new battery on a charger or disconnected while truck was sitting and not just left totally dead for 10 days - check on this Monday.
  7. GM and their manufacturer has produced 240 new design Seat Control Modules and my truck should be one of the first to get one. No firm timing yet.
  8. Thanks Kent, yeah, I realize selling dealer can not really do something except maybe a push, but did say phone calls to the customer service center is the best approach to elevate the case. Repairing dealer looking to see if pulling the fuse will get the truck back in service - pulling the bad module will probably set some codes ........they are going to look at it and let it sit overnight to see if it still discharging from anything else - seat module is the most likely suspect but need to verify. Thanks for your input ......
  9. Talked with repairing dealers "Customer Experience Manager" and are upping my lack of part to fix my truck to the GM District Manager. Called Dealer at which the truck was purchased and asked for a push from them - did not trust the truck to go 35 miles to them due to jump starting particularities - high amp flow on charge before jump. Selling Dealer had me go back to GMC.com Customer Service on call in - ended up being on text. Gave them my reference number and they will get back to me in two business days. There are many trucks that sit at the dealer waiting for a part - like two months. I c
  10. Nope - new part number is 23338340 and the old part number is 13517130 and the new part is not available from GM - GM online part stores have this reversed and wasted a bunch of time finding a 13517130 at another dealer which was in stock, but what you want is the the part number that fixes problems with the old unit - not working and/or draining the battery. No timing from GM other than a few days out for 23338340 - a $100 part has taken my truck out of service for 15 days so far. Don't understand why GM can't pull parts from the assembly plant to get our trucks back on the road ......... Grr
  11. Still searching for a seat control module - some more data on Power Seat Control Module causing dead battery. What are the symptoms of a bad Power Seat Control Module? Symptoms of a malfunctioning power seat control module might include the seat not moving in one or more directions when the switches are actuated, or the seat not moving at all. On vehicles equipped with seat heaters with controls mounted with the power seat controls, inoperative seat heaters may be a symptom of a faulty control module. Also, in some cases, seat setting memory loss may result from a bad sea
  12. Checked multiple online GM part sources for the Seat Control Module - most show the Seat Control Module - but none are in stock and are back ordered and GM as no expected release date. So I wait until GM comes through with a release date and a replacement part - not just plug and play, has to be programmed. May be easier to just order a new truck ..............
  13. Have a 2020 Sierra 1500 Denali - Purchased in December 2019 - best GM truck I have owned. First week in February attempted to remote start - nothing; then changed battery in remote - nothing; go out to the cold truck and manually unlocked - totally dead - 3.5 volts; charged overnight with my regular battery charger - amps pegged out on full charge, switched to 2 amp slow charge and pulled 8 amps ??. Left overnight and got in to bring to dealer - DIC showed "Extremely low fuel level" - I thought that maybe I did not turn the truck off and ran all the gas out - got my 6 gal can of premium f
  14. Retractable Bullrings work great - have them in the 4 corners. I like that they retract and will not snag bags of stuff going in the bed like the GM removable tiedown rings will if you do not remove them. Had the Retractable Bullrings on the top of the bed rail on my 2004 Sierra HD Duramax and used them a lot hauling large cargo and could not use the bottom tiedown rings. They had a sale on the Bullrings for the new pickups - like buy six and get two free - maybe good for a friend as I would not utilize all those tiedowns - just need the 4 corners.
  15. Have a Double Cab SLT - 4 bottom tiedown rings in truck with 9 upper access holes to utilize the GM removable tiedown rings. If you install a plastic bed liner make sure it has the 9 upper access holes already cut out in the bedliner. My dealer had to cut mine out of the liner and they did not match up correctly - even when cut out to match access holes the GM removable tiedown rings were going to be next to impossible to remove. I had the dealer remove the plastic bedliner and install a Sprayin liner and put in the GM rubber bed mat. I then got Bulldog retractable tiedown rings and installed
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