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  1. Center console swap?

    Yes, I assume that is all possible but unfortunately, I had a body shop do the work while I was traveling so I wasn't able to see the wiring setup or harness configuration. I'm sure someone with a little wiring experience could get everything to work without burning the truck down to the frame! Good luck!!!
  2. Center console swap?

    Like Wade, I was able to have my auto body install my console last week. They also removed the wiring harness from the jump seat and used it to get all of the USB/12v/110 outlets to work on the front of the new console. They were also able to get the 12v inside the storage compartment to work (it is hot with the key on only). Unfortunately, they were not able to get the SD/USB slots in the storage area to work nor the 12v on the back of the console (for rear seat pass.). I'm sure some more technical savvy individuals, or a car audio specialist, could get these to work. It looks like Wade was able to provide you with the part numbers and I did not witness the install due to work related travel so I can't be much help...... I love the console and if you have the money to spare and some time it is well worth the upgrade!!
  3. 2014 Silverado Z71 grille

    I may be interested.... Still available?
  4. Center console swap?

    I had a repair shop order the parts so I do not have the part numbers. The owner told me there were SEVERAL pieces that he had to order and will put together once they arrive. My truck is still on dealer lot due to state of IL delay in registration/plate protocols (company-leased truck). I will keep everyone informed as soon as the install begins..
  5. Center console swap?

    Had a body shop order a console for me last week. Should be in and put together by middle of next and install week of 4/7. What part of the dash will I need to replace? Did the USB and 110v connections match up with little trouble?
  6. Center console swap?

    How did the swap turn out? I have one on order and am curious about how the 110v and USB ports hook up going from the "non-console" to the console?

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