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  1. Finally might have an action plan on getting mine fixed. The dealer said GM is reccomending a new product becuase the one in the TSB doesn't work. They boday shop is busy so likely end of July or so
  2. Still can't get my truck fixed Because my original dealer claimed they did it( but they just spray painted one spot), no one else will do it. Gm customer care is a joke Very very disappointing Gm doesn't even care that the dealer made a fraudulent claim against the tsb they said didn't exist
  3. what is the product name and where did you get it? thanks
  4. WOW GM customer care told me to contact a different dealer to look at my truck and fix it. New dealer ran my VIN and there was already a claim made for the undercoating fix so they won't touch it. This is a pain in the A$$!!
  5. So Frustrated!!! My dealer painted two small patches in rear wheel wells and basically said there was no TSB. Guess they figured I wouldn't check out the rest of the frame when I had a chance. Now dealing with GM customer service...basically playing phone tag for a week. I didn't order a rat rod!!! So far VERY $HITTY service from GM
  6. Maybe just leave the trucks how they are and learn how to paint truck frames
  7. Not sure what to do No recall based on my vin So I guess I'll fix it myself Thanks GM!!!!
  8. Compete bull$hit Is this an actual recall or whatever in Canada?
  9. Well took my truck in today Dealer just pealed some of the flake off and spray painted some of the rust. Not very happy!!! What can I do now??!!
  10. Well that didn't take long at all N Fab contacted the autopatrs store I purchesed the step bars from Should have new bars in a couple of days Excellent customer service Very Happy
  11. Well I contacted them and was told they will stand behind their product I have sent them pictures and a copy of my receipt We will see what happends
  12. Any one have issues with the paint on the Nfab bars? I put the wheel to wheel ones on my truck about 6 months ago and the paint is already coming off. The rusty bars look really good on my new truck.
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