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  1. thanks for the warm welcome, just split my windshield from an oncoming rock and pulled my first load to the snow dump. had a double axle hydraulic dump behind me filled with the white stuff, she performed well. any advice on the tires? I gotta go 65's or 70's.
  2. just picked up my second 2014 last week, first one had the 3.08 gears, myself and the dealer missed it and gm had to buy her back. as far as accessories, head rack and box liner are in and awaiting the husky exact fronts. as far as tires I'm ordering the duratrac's just can't decide on the wall, I Dont want to level or lift but I would like the 275/70/18 or I guess I gotta go with 275/65/18 as far as the truck, I love the truck and the only thing I miss is the low end torque of the ecoboost.
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