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  1. Got my Duratracs today

    I'm coming up on 40,000 miles on my 275/70/18 (E-Rated) Duratracs. They've been awesome tires, with very even wear. As others have mentioned the snow/ice performance is great. In addition to being pre-drilled for studs, there is a snowflake symbol indicating winter application. Mine have gotten progressively louder, even with constant rotations and balancing. I've got plenty of tread left, but will probably replace them after this winter since they've gotten quite loud. I actually had a friend riding in the truck for the first time at night, and while merging on to the highway he said "watch out for the motorcycles behind you" - let's just say a quick scan of my mirrors and over the shoulder revealed that there wasn't another vehicle insight. I will say they are a significanty heavier tire than stock, and I may go down a load rating on my next purchase. Either way, I'll be riding on DuraTracs.
  2. Sleeping

    +1 Or at least send us some basic "cut sheets" !!
  3. Out of stock, but this is about as professional as it gets. Scosche makes great gear: http://www.scosche.com/2014-chevy-silverado-gmc-sierra-dash-mount-for-ipad-up-level-only
  4. Bilstein shocks thread

    I also made the switch a few months ago. Front's maxed and added a 2" (1"over stock") block in the rear. I'll echo what everyone says, the truck drives much better but there are some conditions where the 5100's are less forgiving. I carry a full tool box, back rack, ladder rack, and misc stuff in the bed and I think the weight definitely helps my ride. The few trips I've taken everything off/rode unweighted, I'm not nearly as impressed with the ride.
  5. duratrac takeoffs

    What load range?
  6. Bilstein shocks thread

    That's exactly the time frame I'm on despite being told things would ship the same time. Shocks are in hand but now my blocks aren't supposed to show up until this friday- making it almost 2 weeks. UPS showed a label being made for days with no pickup. I think having MRT on board is certainly helpful, they've answered lots of member questions. For the most part I've gotten quick responses (mainly via PM) and the pricing was certainly good. ** should be noted that they are not open for business on the weekends, at all. So no emails, tracking, etc get sent out.
  7. 110v ac plug problem

    I'm also having 110V issues. I've checked every possible fuse and even pulled the console apart to make sure there weren't any loose connections. From what I've researched there is a inverter module in drivers footwell that needs to be replaced in situations like this. Can anyone confirm?
  8. Dead battery

    Tell me about it! I only had to jump 2x, but that is all it took for me to take out the stock AC Delco and replace it with an one i bought from autozone with a 3yr warranty. It's also got slightly higher CCA rating. I also made sure to call my dealer and mention the cold start TSB (bad starter) and the recent grounding issues causing the "steering wheel jerk". They confirmed both apply to my vehicle and that he would add it to my file. I was just in for service last week.
  9. GM Extended Warranty

    You can definitely shop around. I remember reading threads cross posted from the Vette forums that mentioned some dealer who was selling them cheaper than anyone around (remember, you can buy the warranty from any dealer). I bought mine around 35,860 after GM emailed me an offer of $83/month, $260 something upfront, with a zero dollar deductible. (Total cost was just under $1,800)- not bad for buying post-sale and at higher mileage in my opinion. Used it for the first time today and it covered my failed AC condenser and a faulty tailgate handle, no questions asked.
  10. AC Condenser replacement

    Truck was blowing hot air. Took it in with a printout of PIT5331 thinking the discharge hose/lack of bracket was the culprit. It turned out that my A/C condenser was the problem, just like other posts above. 100% covered by my GM extended warranty ($0 deductible) - I tried to leverage PIT5331 in an attempt to get the dealer to also replace the known defective part but they would not update since it wasn't showing any damage. I asked that they leave the bracket in the truck for me (cost $11.01)- I'll install it myself.
  11. New here....very helpful site.

    Welcome aboard!
  12. Levelling with Fox Shocks

    Did Cognito ever figure out what the problem with up travel that was going on? One member here posted photos showing what looked like significant damage. Some said problems on with 2.0 not 2.5 I'm very interested in a 2.0 or 2.5 setup Front and Rear, in addition to swapping out the rear block. I'd love to be sitting at 3" up front and still have a little rake. Still not sure what the best setup is going to be.
  13. Bumpershellz

    For $25 I just ordered and will give it a shot. Was the 7'x5' enough to do front and back bumpers? Any installation tips?
  14. Took the Fox 2.0 plunge

    Link for spanner is incorrect: With this pricing and your consistent forum presence/support, I'm very interested. So anything that you sell is now compatible with my aluminum UCAs? I remember reading issues a while back and therefore held off. One forum member stated Fox's answer was to crank down on the collar(not happening) I need to be able to get the 2" or at least close to clear my existing 275/70/18 Duratracs. Do you happen to know how Fox was able to make a model applicable to all the different UCAs? Thanks MRT!
  15. What have you done to your K2 today?

    "Good stuff is not cheap, cheap stuff is not good" I asked for further info because I know a quality install when I see one. "BSS" = Blue Sea Systems. I'm also a boater and very familiar with their product line. Rea. quality stuff. Thanks again.

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