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  1. Out of all the options purchased on my Sierra the navigation package was the the worst value of all. It sucks and after using it only I couple times I went back to using my Garmin or my phone...........
  2. Nice looking Truck!!! Tell me about your grille. I'm thinking that would look nice on my Emerald Green Truck.
  3. I bought the DU-HA strictly because of color - Matches the Cocoa/Dune interior pretty good. Much better than I thought it would.
  4. GOOD DEAL. Damn - I could of saved 25 smackers............
  5. Bought the Du-Ha just now for $ 152.96 @ http://www.autoaccessoriesgarage.com/ Cheapest I've seen it...............
  6. Here's mine before I took her home. (not the best pic) Now at home...........
  7. Will post some pics later - got a Green one 2 weeks ago. (not a AT but a SLT)
  8. Have interest in this one. So did weather tech ever respond if they were going to make 'cocoa' mats to match the cocoa dune interior? I would rather a darker color then the tan ones if given that option.
  9. Got a 2014 Sierra crew short box 2 weeks ago or so. Haven't gotten around to trying it and I highly doubt it but gonna ask just to make sure. Does any one know if the Truxedo Lo Pro off my 2011 fit the 2014? Thanks
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