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  1. Yes the stock rear blocks were removed and the 2" blocks from RC went in. I trailer all the time a duck boat and a Ranger fishing boat. My Ranger is a multispecies rig weighing around 5,000lbs and causes the rear to sag. It still tows fine, but you can tell you are riding high in the front. I put in Air Lift 5000 series air bags and run them at 20psi, levels everything out and tows great.
  2. 2008 Ranger Reata 2050vs Weighs in right around 5k with trailer and fishing gear. Before and after Air lift air bags were installed. The air bags are awesome, levels out the load and decreases the bounce from bridges, pot holes, etc like a dream. Also cool filling the gas tank up with air and messing with people. Before and after airbags were installed. In the bottom pic the air could be increased to give the factory rake back also.
  3. I emailed timbrens before getting the Air Lift product, their rubber jounce bumpers will not eliminate sag at all. They are designed to not alter truck stiffness unless under load. The weight engages the timbren and then it helps stiffen the ride while towing. With your lift I would guess a timbren does nothing for the sag.
  4. Top pic is before air bags. The pictures don't do it justice as it is hard to see 2" improvement, but it tows nice now and my headlights don't shoot into the sky. I also put a 5.25" drop in the second picture compared to a 3.25 drop in the first.
  5. I have had air bags on my last two trucks and really like how they operate so I didn't consider the extra leaf spring at all. I don't have max tow pkg, mine is a 3.42 rear end.
  6. Here is the rig with airbags in. I still need to get the truck and the boat loaded to show the improvement.
  7. Yep loadlifter 5000 (57204), they mount right were the jounce bumpers are. Like them so far. I have a 2.5" RC leveling kit including the rear 2" block and you do not need spacers for the install.
  8. I bought a 1/4 air line Tee at a Freightliner truck service center for $6. I zip tied the T above the diff and connected both bags to that. I haul a boat 99% of the time so I can keep both bags the same level. I agree that the install was pretty simple. I read the directions to install and then started where I wanted and as I ran into issues checked the directions for routing lines etc. Directions always seem to make things harder than necessary. FYI to get the jounce bumper off it is a 10mm socket and you will need an extension.
  9. Air bags are in and they are great, unloaded raised the rear 2 inches for the rake I like. With boat on the sag is .5 and rides better but only done short trips so far.
  10. I ordered some Air Lift brand helper bags due to the rebate and Summitt Racings reviews on them. I got a 2" spacer as well to make sure the lift doesn't make them not work. Here is the sag I am seeing now.
  11. Can you post the system you have installed?
  12. I guess nobody has these yet. I emailed Timbren and there chunks of rubber have a gap between them and the axle when unloaded to allow normal travel. When under load your truck will have to sag some in order to engage the rubber stopper. Once engaged it eliminates more sag and allows for some travel to smooth out the ride. Since my truck is leveled I don't have .5-1" of travel to give before it looks bad to me. So I am thinking air bags might be the better solution, even though they are more expensive.
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