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  1. Looking at putting a new grill on the truck but would like to get a better idea what it looks like. Looking for pictures (if anyone has this setup) of a 14/15 Sierra All Terrain with a black Denali Grill. Thanks!!
  2. Having a hard time deciding on what muffler to put on my 6.2 truck. I like the sound of the Carven AR-1 but it only goes up to a 3" tube size (Would putting a reducer from the 3.5" down to 3" be completely stupid?) and I like the sound of the Dynomax Race Bullet but can only find it on a 5.3 truck on youtube. Can't really find any Catbacks I like since all of them are single side exit with no duals to be found. Anyone have any suggestions? If I do a muffler I will probably just dump it right after or turn it to come out in front of the rear tire. Thanks!
  3. interested as well. The snow is not as much fun if you can't spin a few donuts in an empty parking lot....
  4. I feel that same way that they do not feel sufficient. Have I ever been able to not stop for something? No, but I do feel they are weak or that they have a strange setup where they feel like you aren't going to stop.
  5. Chrome handles and mirror caps for 14-15 sierra/silverado - $130 Chrome side moldings - $50 GMC All Weather Mats 2 front 1 long rear - $100 Won't let me upload photos, but can email them if wanted. PM me if interested Thanks!
  6. My 6.2 shuts down at 111 MPH. I don't think its becuase of tire ratings because I have the same tires as a truck with a 5.3....
  7. Sierra All Terrain with color matched mirrors/handles and moldings removed. *Couldn't get photo to work will try again.
  8. I think they are feeding me a line too but thought I would check to see if anyone had the same problem. I've had the HIDs in for about 2 months and they were not even on when the sensors tripped off. It happened about 10 min after I threw a code for service stabilitrak (which ended up being 2 little pieces of metal in the wheel speed sensor). I have the HIDs hooked up with power coming from the battery and grounded out on one of the little rods at the front of the engine bay. They cleared the codes and they work now, but not sure how long. They shouldn't be any kinks or cuts in the wires but I will check tomorrow.
  9. So I was driving to the dealership today (for a separate issue) and all the sudden my parking assist off comes up on the dash. I get to the dealership and ask them to check it out. They come back and say that it is caused by my HID's, didn't say anymore than that just take them out and see if it fixes the problem. What in the lights could be causing this? And has anyone else ran into the issue with the TRS mopar kit? This is very frustrating cause I love the HID's but not if they are going to cause problems. Thanks guys!!
  10. Just put TRS hid's on my truck and noticed that the drivers side is way brighter than the passenger side. I would've posted this in the hid section but it will get lost in the shuffle there. I believe I have installed anything correctly but curious why it is this way. Thanks!
  11. Yes, that is exactly what I am talking about. How much are you looking for it? PM me with more info. Thanks!
  12. I would like to buy all at once if possible, but will buy separate if need be. I am also willing to trade my chrome accessories for these. I do not want grained handles or caps only painted. Thanks!
  13. white diamond... http://www.ebay.com/itm/2014-2015-GM-Silverdo-Sierra-OEM-White-Diamond-Pearl-Door-Handles-/311124517367?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item48707761f7&vxp=mtr
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