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  1. Hello. I have a 2015 Sierra denali. And want more than anything for the all terrain grill. Just can’t fjnd one unless I want to get one painted and everything. My truck is on the left. The grill I want is in the right. And I know. The blue isn’t that common
  2. I have a great condition sierra denali grill. looking for an all terrain grill. would need a 2015 with the outside of it painted blue. pics attached 3rd pics is what i want
  3. You don't bring it with you when you go to a school then. It is never good to leave a firearm in your vehicle. As a firearm owner you are responsible for your firearm. Do you really want to see your pistol stolen when your vehicle is broken into or stolen, and then find out its been turned around and in the hands of a criminal?
  4. No, you should never leave your gun in your car, whether it is locked or not, there are always ways to get at it. and if your car is stolen your safe is worthless then. And why would you ever leave your ccw in your car when you go into a store. You're kind of missing the point of the C and C there
  5. 2014-14 Sierra grille

    do you still have this? do you have more pics? thanks
  6. 2017 Silverado LTZ Z71 6.2 build thread

    What did you have to do to modify the engine cover? just the emblem. Because that would look awesome on my GMC 6.2L with K&N
  7. I see real truck has a video about installing the rear clamp in the 2014 requiring some extra steps, but from the video makes it look like with a bed liner it won't be possible. How is your rear/Tailgate Clamp installed?
  8. 2014 Silverado LT All Star Edition Crew Cab Short Box TonnoPro TonnoFold and GM Bedliner

    So Excited 2014 silverado LT
  10. DSC0820

  11. photo

  12. '14 Sierra Denali with mods

    Nice Truck, did you do the running boards yet? I'm looking to buy a set for my new silverado

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