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  1. Sold It! Moving back into an SUV. '14 K1500 6.2L Denali w/9,300 miles, listed for 1-day, received numerous inquiries and sold it $50.950 cash deal. Enjoyed being here in the forum and the contributions from some of its members who assisted by answering questions I had.
  2. I contacted Toyo to question them on proper tire inflation of their 295/55/R20 E/10-ply Open Country ATii eXtreme tires I am running and to get their advice. They responded stating they recommend I run 45 psig on my particular truck owing to the 2,300 lbs per tire vehicle load requirements of the 2014 K1500. So I'm going to up the pressure from the current load of 36 lbs to 45. For those who might be interested; here is the reply I received from Toyo; Thank you for contacting Toyo Tires USA. Your vehicle came with a P metric tire which is considered a passenger 4 ply rated tire which offers a more comfortable ride, and less weight for better rolling resistance, offering better gas mileage. Since you have gone from a P- passenger build tire to an LT-light truck, the difference you may notice will be a stiffer ride, which is due to the E/10 ply rating for vehicles that require heavier load, vehicles that tow also will use heavier duty tires. You may also notice due to the weight of the tires a rolling resistance change that may slightly affect your gas mileage. Tire pressures are based off of the vehicles actual load requirement. We determine pressure by using the stock tire and pressure recommendation to find the load and use that load to find the new pressure for the new tire size. Based off of your vehicles load requirement of 2,300 lbs. per tire, your new Open Country ATII LT295/55R20 would need to be ran at cold pressures of 45 PSI. This will meet the same load required and offer the best wear for your tires. Running under 45 PSI is not recommended as the tire is now running under pressure and over time will not only wear faster, but can compromise the internal structure of the tire and lead to a tire separation. Running the tires at 60-62 PSI would be over-inflated, causing the center of the tires to wear faster and not providing the best "footprint" grip of the tire. If you need anything further please let us know. Sincerely, Consumer Relations Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. 5665 Plaza Drive Suite 300 Cypress, CA 90630 800-442-8696
  3. Running the Toyo 295/55/R20 10-ply Open Country ii eXtreme AT's my tire dealer recommended inflation to the truck's recommended PSIG of 35-38lbs. Conversely, when I had my winter tires rotated off by my servicing GM dealer they inflated the Toyo's to 60 psig which I found to be too hard/stiff and have since gone back to 38 lbs for a much smoother ride. Right or wrong I don't know but the 38 psig is what I am sticking with and should I end up with premature wear will roll the Toyo's off and move to a different tire/tread pattern. I like the Toyo's so I hope that won't be the case.
  4. I'd try to find a good upholsterer that sidelines in taxidermy.
  5. Clorox wipes. Safe, efficient, cheap and they really work great. Will not harm/damage leather, vinyl or plastic interior components.
  6. Installed the GMC Bed Extender. Primarily for holding small parcels in place, i.e. grocery runs, etc.
  7. Mike, I don't know what I want. Led or other, I simply want to upgrade to a higher performance fog lamp bulb but without the hassle of using ballasts, relays, or having to alter my OEM wiring/lamp sockets, i.e. "Plug and Play." I had the TSB/Upgrade done this week to the German manf'd Voslla bulbs and BCM flash wherein the new bulbs are brighter and whiter. Now the contrast between the white of the headlamps and the fog light bulbs is even greater than before so I am seeking advice from others here in the forum who have changed their fog light bulbs to a brighter, higher performance bulb without having to modify the wiring or use ballast/relays. I just want a simple solution if such exist.
  8. Anyone here got recommendations for the best direct replacement bright white fog light bulbs for a 14-15 GMC K1500? I do NOT WANT bulbs that require the use of ballast or other wiring modifications, basically just want the best "plug & play" replacement option that will outperform the OEM lamps. This may include LEDs (I don't know) but I don't want bulb types that will result in "flickering" , generate heat problems or error codes. Sorry, but I don't have the time or inclination to read the 106 pages of posts here where I am sure there are a number which address upgrading the fog lamp bulb. Appreciate your recommendations.
  9. Had the PIT5374 Headlamp Performance (BCM Calibration and Vosla Bulb) upgrade done at my servicing GMC dealership today. I supplied the bulbs (ordered direct from Volsa in Germany) and the dealer did the swap, BCM flash and re-aiming at N/Chg.. From what I can tell this is going to make a big improvement (was still daylight when I drove home this afternoon), but won't really know until I drive it at night. I choose to order the bulbs directly ($67 for the pair) and not wanting to wait given the limited availability of them through GM parts.
  10. White is right. Did it come equipped with the color matched fender trim or was that added as a LPO by the dealer?
  11. FWIW & my 2₵'s, For those who don't want to wait on the GM backorder, the specific German made Bi-Halogen lamps can be purchased direct from VOSLA for 57 Euros (about $67) for the pair delivered to your US address. VOSLA also offers numerous other bulbs that provide the +30% brighter performance for both European and US market automobiles. Of course many may quote that the wholesale price per lamp from GM is about $14 ea. vs. ordering direct from Vosla - but that does little good it you can't find them. Also, as OP#1 (Bob) advised, be aware the GM part number 23342527 alone does not guarantee it will be the Vosla German made lamps which is good information to be aware of and to further verify with your servicing dealer before they do the swap (i.e. that they in fact have or will be using the correct German made Vosla replacement lamps). Click on the link below and run a search for Vosla item # 28432 http://www.vosla-german-lighting.com/en/automobile-lighting/index.html Lamp Specification http://www.vosla-german-lighting.com/upload/products/pdf/de/28432.pdf
  12. Dropped into my servicing GMC dealer today with a copy of the TSB, discussed it with the service manager and my truck is now scheduled for the headlamp bulb upgrade + BCM flash + re-aiming next Wends. No problem. It helps to print the TSB and take it with you. Here is a link to it; http://www.duramaxforum.com/forum/2011-up-non-powertrain/598297-2015-poor-headlights-tsb.html
  13. That does not look good. What size and type of lift did you have done?
  14. I went with the Retrax Pro with the contoured bed rails and flush profile as I did not want to have to deal with pulling a fiberglass topper off when wanting to carry loads that extend above the height of the bed. Also like the feature that I can slide it back at whatever depth needed while using it to butt up against and secure my cargo against the tailgate. That, coupled with its locking feature in conjunction with the tailgate lock allow securing the entire bed area when needed.
  15. 2" RC front level, stock rear, measures F-38.2 and R-38.8" ground up to lip of fender trim molding and running Toyo Open Country ATii eXtreme 295/55/R20's 10-ply at 40-psi on OEM 20 x 9-27mm wheels. I also replaced the OEM 17" spare with a matching OE Denali wheel Toyo OC tire of the same size. Does have the slight rub on sway bar at full lok when making slow radial turns, i.e. parking lots, tight spaces. Since I'm aware of it I tend to compensate when parking or reversing and its not anything significant that I worry about. For me its the perfect stance, appears level to the naked eye and drives perfect. In terms of road noise/feedback I can tell (hear) a difference between what were the stock GY SRAs and the Toyo's but its not obtrusive particularly with the windows up which for me is most of the time.
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