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  1. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I'm in the San Antonio area. I have a 2014 LT double cab, 2 wheel drive with 5.3 engine. Had and still have the vibration issue. Mine is mainly in the floor board and gas pedal. Had it to the dealership 5 times. Road forced,balanced and replaced tires. Replaced front shocks and replaced entire rear assembly. The rear end replacement helped but did not fix, I went the BBB route. At the meeting, I was confronted by 2 GM engineers and even had one on the speaker phone from Chevrolet. The "arbitrator" drove the truck and could not feel any vibration. I was in the passenger seat and I could feel it in the floor board. When you do the BBB thing, you agree to abide by the arbitrator's decision. Even at the dealership they could feel vibration but it was within "specs". Now for the kick in the butt......the dealership gave me a loaner 4 times. Those times do not count towards a Lemon law attempt in the state of Texas! Kinda sucks but that's the law. I still have the vibration but not much I can do about it except get rid of the truck but being a retired guy on a fixed income, I just have to keep it! Hope you have better luck. Al
  2. Shake or Vibration Issues

    If you check the Lemon law of Texas, that's "a fact, Jack"....if the dealership supplies or rents a vehicle for you, those trips do not count!. I kinda thought that's what a BBB arbitrator did....drive the vehicle in question. I think I will check with a Lemon Law lawyer. thanks Al
  3. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I have a vibration issue. Went through BBB, arbitrator said he could feel no vibration. Had 2 GM engineers at hearing and one from Chevrolet on speaker phone. Talk about being double (triple) teamed. Problem here in Texas is that the dealer ship gave me a loner car for 5 of the 6 visits. Therefore, I cannot use Lemon Law in Texas, Kinda sucks! I really have no recourse left. Good luck! Al
  4. My 2014 LT ,DC Texas Edition does not have "Silverado" on the doors. Al
  5. Does your 2014 do this?

    Is it true that in Texas if the dealer gives a loaner vehicle for warranty work that those trips do NOT count towards the 4 days required for the Texas Lemon law? Thanks Al
  6. buying tomorrow

    I'm also in Texas, San Antonio area. Where did you find that great deal? I 'm also looking! Al
  7. Five trips to dealership, numerous tire adjustments, new front shocks and a NEW rear end, Went through the BBB procedure. Had 2 engineers from GM plus one on a speaker phone at the meeting. Felt kinda double teamed! Mediator drove my truck and could not feel any vibration. End of case. As far as Lemon law, In Texas if the dealership gets you a loaner vehicle. those trips do NOT count. So. I'm SOL Al
  8. Lemon Law

    I believe that the Lemon Law in Texas was written by General Motors' lawyers! In my case, I have the vibration issue. My 2014 Silverado 1500 DC, standard bed, 2-wheel drive was at the dealership 5 times for a total of 55 days for the vibration problem. Four (4) of those visits do not count towards the 4 trips specified in the Texas Lemon Law. Nor do the 55 days!. Why, because the dealership gave me a loaner vehicle for those days. Also, if the BBB or GM decides it is not a safety issue, tough luck! What a one-sided law! Al
  9. Shake or Vibration Issues

    I have a 2014 Silverado double cab, standard bed, 2-wheel drive with 5.3 engine and 3.42 gears, Has vibration in floor board and gas pedal at most speeds. 40 to 65 mph. Started at about 1800 miles and now has a little over 9,000 miles due to a 4300 miles road trip last Fall. Dealership replaced about 4 tires, road forced balanced all tires a few times, replaced front shock assemblies and also replaced complete rear assembly. Still have vibration. GM field engineer test drove truck with PICO analyzer and said all was within specs. I did the BBB thing and had my hearing last week. Field engineer and an engineer from the Dallas area plant were there plus a representative from Chevrolet was on a speaker phone. The BBB arbitrator drove the truck for about 20 minutes. At the "wrap-up", GM people said everything was within spec and no safety issues were involved. The arbitrator said he would give his findings in about three days. I received the results/findings this a.m.. The arbitrator did not feel any vibrations while driving. Vehicle replacement was denied.. Also, since the dealership provided a loaner/rental vehicle for most of the 55 days at the dealership (about 6 trips), my truck does not qualify under Texas lemon law! Of course I am not happy with their findings. I also was not aware of the Texas lemon law deal. That does not make any sense to me. I did check that on the internet and it is a fact that if the dealer ship supplies a loner or rental vehicle, those days do not count. GM wins again!!! Al
  10. 5.3 V4 ticking

    It could be pre-detonation. Maybe anti-knock sensor id defective. See if a higher octane fuel fixes it.
  11. Shake or Vibration Issues

    After many tire replacements, road-force balancing, new front shocks. new rear end assembly, 18 inch tires in place of OE 20 inch, truck still has vibration but GM engineer says all is with-in limits. Dealer still has truck. I'm supposed to pick up today. I plan to have them put original 20 inch wheels/tires back on. Undecided on next step. Any good advice? Al
  12. One sold 12/24/2014 for $45 shipped. I'll offer $50 shipped to ZIP 78006 Al
  13. Shake or Vibration Issues

    2014 Silverado 1500 LT with 5.3 and 3.42(?). Bought with 13 miles. Have had to dealership about 4 times, Each time, a tire or two was replaced and road forced balanced. some tires were road forced 2 or 3 times. Had about 2k miles a few weeks ago, Some rims were also replaced. Dealer even replaced front shocks at that time. Took a 4k miles round trip to PA. Ran at 68 mph(sweet spot for "less" vibration) on cruise control so gas pedal foot would not go to "sleep" from vibration. All of this on Continental tires. Waiting for return call from dealership. I cannot understand how a tire has to be road forced balanced multiple time in less than a few hundred miles! I'm running out of patience! Al
  14. What type of gas yall use

    Straight gasoline contains 114,000 btu/bal E-85 contains 81,800 btu/gal E100 contains 76,100 btu/gal so,E10 contains about 110,210 btu/gal Al

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