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  1. Replaced my AVH-X2700BS with a AVH-X4700BS and it works! Chances are if I would have got another AVH-X2700BS it would have worked as the 2700 and 4700 run the same software but the 2700 left a sour taste in my mouth... The only time it will not play USB on startup is if I have a DVD in the receiver. Weird but I'll take it. So it is possible to get two brand new out of the box Pioneer receivers that don't work. Hopefully Pioneer fixes this issue in the near future.
  2. It only supports FAT32 format. It doesn't matter if I have one song on the drive or one thousand songs, I get the same result. We tried an ipod (although it was a newer ipod - see comment below) didn't work. I talked to a car audio place this weekend that specializes in Pioneer and they told me that they have had a lot of complaints on this very issue. I was told that so far there is no fix and the only work around is to use an old ipod. Not too pleased with this unit, I'd figure reading music of USB would be a basic idea.
  3. Hooked up the unit in my house using a 12V converter just to see if the truck was the problem. The Pioneer unit will still not read USB when first given power but will if you swap to radio and back to USB. Also, the "Mode" button does not work on either of my two units. I'm pretty sure I have two faulty Pioneer receivers.
  4. I have a 2014 GMC Sierra that I recently installed a Pioneer AVH-X2700BS head unit into. The HU will not play USB on startup, it is stuck on "Format Read". If I swap to the radio and then back to USB it will play right away. Once I have it working I can swap USB flash drives and they all play. But if I turn the truck off and turn it back on, nothing. I once again have to switch to radio and then back to USB to get anything to play. I phoned Pioneer and they said it sounded like a faulty unit. I got a new one, installed it, same thing. I've tried multiple flash drives, different USB cables, ipod through USB, nothing that is USB will work on startup. I will note that on the first unit it worked 3 times out of about 70 and on the second unit it has worked once out of about 60 times. Any ideas? Could I have had two faulty units or am I missing something?
  5. So after three weeks of GM telling me that their engineers are looking into the issue I get a phone call telling me that my stereo will only ever read about 500 songs/ 4gb of music. The info in the user manual that states the stereo can read up to 100000 songs is a general statement meant for all versions of the stereo. I would not have bought the truck with that stereo version had I known this, been told this or been able to find this information myself. I don't think GM really had any idea as it took them quite a while and many trips to the dealership to get this info. Looks like we are both out of luck on this issue as it seems the stereo is doing what it is designed to do. When you replaced your stereo did you buy the PAC wiring interface or not? Also, did you replace with a double DIN and if so how hard was it to cut out the plastic ledge behind the stereo?
  6. UPDATE (Updating in case anyone has this problem in the future): I've purchased a new SD card and a USB drive and have had the same results. I've since figured out that it will only read the first 4GB (just over) of music no matter what the device. I tried reformatting everything to NTSF and it wouldn't even recognize the USB and the SD took forever to load and still wouldn't show all the music. I've talked with GM and the person I talked to could not help me but provided me a number for their "infotainment team" and hopefully they will be able to help. On the music that does work I have to put all the songs in the root folder to be able to shuffle/random play. If I create my own folders I can only shuffle/random within that specific folder. I would have thought that shuffle/random is supposed to include all folders. I've also found out that only one FM radio station comes in clear on my radio, everything else is not listenable. Fortunately, it seems that the problems I'm having are rare but hopefully for myself they are solved soon. If not I'll have to swap to an aftermarket head unit and that would be a shame on a new truck.
  7. All of my music if formatted to .mp3. I've tried reformatting my SD card to NTFS with no better results.
  8. Hello, I have a 2014 GMC Sierra. The stereo will only recognize 68 folders, if I remove all the music from the folders it will still only recognize about 600 songs. I'm using a 32GB SDHC card, class 10, formatted to FAT32. This card has 3700+ songs on it and works in everything I have tried it in. Any suggestions?
  9. Trying to use an SD card in my 2014 Sierra and not having much luck. In my other vehicle I can pop it into my Panasonic head unit, it reads 5000+ songs in 10 seconds and I have instant access to every file with no delay in song play or menu searching. In my truck however, it takes 3 - 5 minutes to load and during that time I cannot adjust the heater/ac controls or there will be a 30 sec - 1 min delay in adjustments. Once it finally starts to read the music I've noticed it won't read ALL of the songs, less than half it seems. Trying to navigate songs/artists is a nightmare because of the delay. Three times since I've had this truck I have started it up and the clock has reset as if the power was disconnected and reconnected. Is this normal and the stereo in this truck is just terrible quality and it's time to upgrade or is there something wrong here? Hopefully, someone who has also tried the SD card with loads of songs can chime in. Thanks.
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