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  1. It is really something, when after 100+ years building trucks with a regular cab, truck builders are going to dis the very same product that got them to where they are now. Its shame that soccer moms that want all the bells and whistles and a 4 door to move their kids to practice, actually dictate the way trucks are build? A truck was made to work! That was what the main purpose of it was made for. Now, just because more women want a fancy truck, should not mean that GM just drops a line completely for one year. That's all they are doing it for, 1 year. There is no logical explanation to why they did this, or at least none they are willing to explain to me. As I have explained before it is not $$$ on tooling, as they already have the cab in the 1500, and all the axle components in the crew cab. its not about lack of interest, as they are building it for 2020. Oh well, can't beat a dead horse on here, just waiting for some GM Engineer to have the guts to explain to me their decision.
  2. WTB front bumper

    Craigslist in Detroit area has new take offs for sale.
  3. GM put a lot of time into all of these Special editions. Its a shame they didn't want to put any time into building a Regular Cab 2500HD and 3500HD. Did someone just wake up one morning and say, "hey, we are not going to build the Regular Cab 2500HD this year"? I have heard from some that these trucks are not in demand? Sorry, you are wrong there. If that was true, they would not be building the Regular Cab 2500HD in 2020? Some say tooling id too expensive? How can say that, when the cab is already produced for 1500 series. The rear suspension and axle are already produced for the Crew Cab. Most components are already produced for it. GM tries to promote different trim levels, but still let down us that need the Regular Cab 2500HD and 3500HD Trucks to work.
  4. Did Chevy Botch SEMA 2018?

    I will agree with you on building the 8' box only in HD Form in the future. Fords have eliminated most of their car line in favor of trucks and SUVs already. I sure hope that fuel prices do not increase a lot or a lot of consumers will be disappointed. In my part of the country, which is the Great Lakes area, there still are a lot of Regular Cab trucks, both 1500 and 2500HD and 3500HDs. Dealers still always stock a few 3500HD Cab and Chassis that we can put our own dump boxes on to hail rock salt, san, and gravel. The 8' box is in demand to put an insert spreader into it for salt and sanding. In states where there is no snow, I do see more crew cabs. I ended up with a leftover 18 Regular cab 8' box that I installed a 9.2 Boss Plow and 8' salt Spreader in the back, after I Linex sprayed the bed.
  5. Did Chevy Botch SEMA 2018?

    So, if they are so low, why are the making them for 2020? They still make a Regular Cab 1500 for 2019, so tooling is not a problem for cost, as its already produced. these soccer mom trucks you can have. I rely on a truck to make my living plowing snow, and GM knows that offering a snow plow prep package for 30 years. Sorry Colossus, you do not think of others, and what they need and want in a truck.
  6. To the person that mentioned Regular Cab 2500HD and 3500HD sales being down, and its cheaper to manufacturer a crew cab-------well that's ridiculous. More materials= more cost. My original post was to show that GM IS making a Regular Cab in a 1500 series. Its the same cab that's used in a 2500 series, so no retooling costs there. Same rear axle in the 2500HD Crew Cab s. Same 8 foot box on 1500 series that they are producing, so where is all the retooling costs? the Frame???? The frame on a crew cab with 6.5' bed is very close to a frame on a Regular Cab, long box anyway. I went to a GM Legands banquet last Monday at the GM Heritage Center, and the man from GM said they were making the Regular Cab truck next year, so why wait a year, if it was cost prohibitive? I still believe they dropped the ball. in years past, they still built the 2500 regular cab trucks when the new models came out, they just continued with the old model, and called them new old ones.
  7. Did Chevy Botch SEMA 2018?

    Gm is dropping the ball, and not just at SEMA. They stopped building the Regular Cab Pickup in the 2500HD and 3500HD, and the Cab and Chassis in both also. All that says to the Consumer is------go ahead and buy a Ford or a Dodge. Of coarse GM will tell you different, and for you to wait a year. Sorry, GM, but if you cannot build what we want, we will go elsewhere------now, and not wait a year. If you can build a crew cab 2500HD then you can build a regular cab. You screwed up again!
  8. I have plowed snow with a Chevy 2500 or 3500 truck since 1973. That said I have purchased 17 Chevy trucks thru the years being a loyal customer. Now, for 2019, some GM Exec has decided not to build a 2019 Regular Cab 2500HD nor 3500HD pickup. After over 75 years of building a truck like this, Chevy is not building it. How stupid is this? That being said, I have gone to over 6 dealerships in the Detroit area looking for an 2018 new 2500HD, and most Chevy Dealership salesman do not even know this. I talked to Customer service, and you get the sympathetic "we are sorry" and asked for a GM person to call me and explain their reasoning for their decision. They said 24-48 hours. That hasn't happened either. So, recapping this, Chevrolet Salesmen and Women do not know that GM is not making Regular Cab 2500HD and 3500HD, and the message that I am receiving from GM, that its ok to go and buy a Ford or a Dodge, as we will not be building one, and leaving us snow plowers with nothing to buy from GM. Yes, they make a 2500HD and 3500HD in Crew Cab form, but I need a regular cab with a 8' box to put an insert salt spreader in that can carry 2 ton of salt. We need a short turning radius truck to maneuver in small parking lots. I cannot even buy a cab and chassis for a regular cab truck. Crew Cab trucks will not work for me Chevrolet. GM pushes their trucks at Auto Shows, only to let down their own customers like me after all these years. Shame on you Chevrolet as are letting down thousands of your customers.

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