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  1. Spinner knob

    Try a handicap wheelchair dealer that also does van conversions they have a bunch they should be able to show you as they retrofit them to handicap vans all the time.
  2. I was in the same situation had a 2015 gmc Denali that had a problem with the magnetic ride shocks. After 8 trips to the shop and the only thing I got was that's normal that the shocks are supposed to lock up going over bumps. GM finally bought the truck back. I decided not to buy another GM and went with a 2015 f150 platinum 4000 trouble free miles so far and I couldn't be happier. My truck is my office so every time the GM went to the shop Which was every week I couldn't keep working.
  3. For Sale: Parts for a 2015

    Cover sold to Kaddo. Thanks
  4. For Sale: Parts for a 2015

    It probably weighs around 50 lbs with everything. I can try to get a estimate on shipping if you are interested.
  5. For Sale: Parts for a 2015

    Bump for the roll x cover. Make an offer its just sitting in the garage collecting dust. I will give someone a screaming deal on this cover to get it sold.
  6. For Sale: Parts for a 2015

    Lights sold to schlegle1. Only the cover left someone make an offer to get this thing sold!!
  7. For Sale: Parts for a 2015

    Bump. Make an offer!
  8. For Sale: Parts for a 2015

    Front cover sold to BootyHunter
  9. For Sale: Parts for a 2015

    Pm sent.
  10. For Sale: Parts for a 2015

    All parts are off of a 2015 GMC Sierra Denali with a 6.5 foot bed.
  11. For Sale: Parts for a 2015

    Here are the pics if everything.
  12. I have a few parts from my truck since it has been repurchased by GM. First I Have the front license plate cover in chrome for a Denali asking $50.00 plus shipping. Next up I have a bak roll-x cover for a 6.5 foot bed it has been on the truck since November and is in excellent condition. $ 500.00 shipping would probably be to expensive so trying to keep this one local pickup in Las Vegas. Last thing up for sale is the Morimotto spec hid headlights also in excellent condition. $100.00 plus shipping. I will have pictures of everything up tonight. If your interested in any items let me know and make an offer as all of this stuff will not work on my new truck. All items located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Call text or email thanks Josh. 702-423-0498
  13. I feel your pain. I am in the process of GM doing a buyback in my 2015 GMC Denali for multiple suspension problems with the magnetic ride. I had mine in the shop six times since November and then my transmission solenoid went out for a seventh trip to the dealer. I requested a buyback and within a week the regional manager approved it. Keep being loud about the problems. I ended up having to go to the general manager of the dealership because the service manager just keep telling me everything wrong was a normal characteristic of the vehicle yet they did not have another one to compare it too.
  14. GM is doing a buyback on my 2015 Gmc Denali because of the continuing problems with the magnetic ride shocks and now I'm left with another problem. I really liked the truck and wouldn't mind getting another but do I buy another Denali? The only thing I would change is I would get the 6.2 and not get the rear entertainment. I'm probably going to have to order because I can't find any 6.2 crew cab regular boxes around which is not a huge deal but after the problems I have had with mine I'm kinda worried about getting another. I don't care for the Chevrolet front end and I really liked the dash in the Denali. Would you stay with a GM or look into the others?
  15. Question for Denali owners

    Here is a front and back picture

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