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  1. another resurrection post i have just tried a number of different brands and formatted each attempted with exfat, fat32, and ntfs--heck, even tried a few alternative file systems. none of the 64gb sd cards were recognized in my 2014 silverado 1500. brands included sandisk, lexar, samsung, unbranded, tanscend, and kingston. next i will try a 128gb usb drive....32gb is just not enough.
  2. thanks. i didn't want to force and crack it, as it seemed to be a bit too large and not pliable enough to be forced in. btw: no skinny jeans, despised clintons since '92, and i want the bushing to minimize the wife and kids' just dropping it:-)
  3. I take it that the bracket has to be removed to install the bushing (22966936). If I place it on the tailgate pin, it wont slide into the cup; if I place it in the cup, there is no way to slide the pin. So remove the bracket, and then that lower torx bit will be tough to install. Should have done this when it was warm.
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