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  1. The bed corners (getting thin) and the rear leaf shackles (lots of pack out) in particular may be a problem soon. But it's an awful pain in the butt to crawl around under there trying head off rust at the pass. How much longer do you think this truck's got before I have to worry about something giving out at max payload?
  2. This is as high as it gets. It used to read right at 210. Truck doesn't overheat. Is there an issue here?
  3. Transmission Finally Died

    All done and back on the job!
  4. Transmission Finally Died

    Dunno. Badly made torque converter I guess.
  5. Transmission Finally Died

    My previous truck was a Tacoma and it was excellent. But I had to upgrade my towing ability.
  6. Transmission Finally Died

    Well so far no good news. Originally what happened is the torque converter failed, dumped metal bits through the pump and took that out and everything behind it. So I got all new stuff. Apparently a lot of these torque converters are going bad and the shop suggested I keep my documentation in case there is ever a class action against GM on the issue. Then today while the computer tech was driving the truck to get the trans programmed right, he started getting a vibration so he turned around and headed back to the shop. By the time he got there the new torque converter had failed, again dumping debris into the fluid and taking out the new pump and damaging the valve body. So starting all over again today. The only good news is none of this was my fault, I could have changed my trans fluid every month and it still would have failed when it did.
  7. Transmission Finally Died

    Thanks. So the shop's price checks out, nice to know.
  8. Transmission Finally Died

    Independent shop, best in the area by far.
  9. Transmission Finally Died

    Shop just got back to me, the trans could be too damaged to repair and may have to be replaced with a remanufactured unit for $3,875. Otherwise a rebuild will be about $3,200. Pretty expensive transmission!
  10. Transmission Finally Died

    Thats pretty amazing, I've always been told cars prior to about 1980 were mostly garbage.
  11. Transmission Finally Died

    If it makes you feel any better, 50 years ago cars never even made it to 100k. Having your motor throw a rod at 50k was super common. And cars would start rusting within a year of manufacture. It was horrible.
  12. Transmission Finally Died

    My friend who works at a trans shop says they do a lot of these. He said he just finished replacement trans #2 on a 2014 like mine, with 180k total miles. Factory trans went at 130k.
  13. Transmission Finally Died

    No service, which is partly why I'm so pleased with how long it lasted!
  14. Transmission Finally Died

    Thats a really good lifespan.
  15. It made it 161000 miles. Not bad for a GM trans I think, can't really complain. Now I'm at that awkward point where I'd like to get rid of the truck, but I'm going to pay for a new transmission so then I feel obligated to keep driving it.

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