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  1. Ex Factory Rep here ( not GM) and I ran into this many times. If the OEM sells an aftermarket CAI the warranty cannot be denied if a different aftermarket one is used as long as it is similar in design. At least in our company that was smaller and import. Field personnel had the ability to make these decisions. GM is more strict in this regard. Also many dealers service techs would look to find any problem so it would turn to customer pay. Also every decision I made was with the thought I was standing in a court room and could prove it was the aftermarket component that caused the damage. Knowing only one side it would appear that in my opinion GM is not making the proper call but this is only my opinion and that means nothing😀😀
  2. Word to the wise. I worked in the car business for 35 years both at dealer level and for the manufacturer. When you leave your your vehicle for service have the service adviser do a walk around with you before you leave. That won’t help if they say it’s a public lot but it would help cover the backside. Camera phone pics wouldn’t hurt either. Sad that it has come to this but it’s what I do. Rant is over 😀😀
  3. Keep us posted. Something I have wanted to do also.
  4. I have a 2017 Max Tow with the 20” wheels. I expect it to ride hard so I put 4 50 lb. bags of sand in bed. Makes a big difference.
  5. Pm me if you want his number. I was in the auto business for 45 years and liked his no pressure approach.
  6. Yes on airbags but only run 20 lbs. We run very light but hitch weight in bed is 1500 lbs. I installed disc brakes on rv as I can’t leave anything alone. Loaded weight of rv is 8200. Weight police will chime in and say OMG I shouldn’t be towing but it handles great. I have a Anderson Ultimate Hitch in bed that weighs less than 40 lbs. My salesman name was Reggie and yes I flew in and drove home just 1 year ago. 8 hour drive. I just had him spec my the same truck only 2018 with a different color as their stock is low and it was much more than they have priced for stock units. I would imagine the rebates will continue but I think they will quit building as plants change over for 2019.
  7. Might look at Dennis Dillon GMC in Boise. They seem to stock cc and dc max tow. Got my 2017 there and was extremely happy. Tow all over the NW and down thru Arizona. Light 5th wheel and love the way it tows.
  8. Yes but will do it with 300 lbs of weight in back. It can be felt running empty but not as severe .
  9. Yes I am still working this exact problem. 2017 GMC 6.2 Max Tow. 2 converters and a complete trans and it is still present. Not to bad but still present till I load it pulling my trailer then it really shakes. Appears when it shifts 1-2 and continues on thru 4 at 1200-1800 RPM. When I get back home ( In Arizona for several months) I am to meet with District Engineer to see if it can helped. It feels like a vibration in driveline. Love the truck except for this problem.
  10. Just ran across this. I have a 17 6.2 8 speed max tow. . Has the shudder as I would call it from 2nd gear on up at 1500- 2000 rpms only on load. Pop into neutral or let off gas and it disappears. Have had 3 converters and 1 new trans and problem still continues. Becomes very bad when towing. Definitely feel imo that it is converter lock up. Waiting to have field engineer check but from reading this I might be sol. To bad as truck is great
  11. Back in the day when I was in the car business in pacific nw many dealers would buy Canadian trucks and swap out instrument cluster for correct reading. Only problem was getting warranty changed over but a few phone calls and things where good.
  12. Well I have a opinion on that. I had a 2015 Silverado 6 speed 5.3. Traded and bought a 2017 Max tow 6.2 8 speed to tow my rv. I read all the trans problems they had ( mostly shift issues) and waited to 17 to get one. Love the truck but developed a shutter, vibration low speeds. Terrible when towing. Ah I thought, needs a tq and flush according to bulletin. Well 3 tq later and a trans the problem has gotten worse. Truck has sat at dealer for 30 Days waiting for district rep and Field engineer to figure out. Yes I am way beyond Lemon Law ( I was a factory rep for another auto company ) so I know how it works. Love the truck hoping it can be fixed before I send demand letter. It seems with the stiffer frame vibrations are more prevalent. Millions out there with no problems but imo the 8 speeds create the most problems. That’s my rant and I’ll go away quietly 😋😋😋
  13. My 2017 6.2 runs hotter than my 2015 5.3 did. No problem and appears normal.
  14. 2017 Max Tow dbl cab. Installed firestone airbags for pulling camper. I load 4 - 60 lb sand bags when empty to help smooth ride. Airbags run 5 lbs empty. Makes it ride much better and helps traction in the rainey winters. But max tow rear suspension has a bit of a harsher ride when empty imo.

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