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  1. forgive me if I have not found the thread on it yet - but has anyone done this swap AND included adding the heated wheel? I imagine for that , it would be a spring clock swap as well? the prices that are going on right now , and my recent career change has lead me to think I'm likely going to buy my 2020 Custom 3/4 ton out at the end of my lease, and this is a have to mod for me if I'm keeping the truck!
  2. I pulled the access panel off the inside of my tailgate and there was no wires going to the tailgate side portion either. I think I’m going to remove the bed side one this weekend and tackle the install of the led strip. Only thing i can think of is its some sort of alignment guide . Although I’m comfortable removing the bracket now , I’m still curious as to what its function is!
  3. That was my one concern was that it maybe had something to do with the power release on the tailgate or maybe something magnetic for the soft release . There is no wiring or anything going to the piece on the box of the truck - you can see the backside of the bolts easily from underneath the tailgate side could be a different story
  4. Picked up an LED tailgate light strip actually for my old 1/2 ton and found it in the garage this weekend. Want to put it on the 2500 but I am confused as to what this small bracket may be . There is 2 pieces one bolted to box one to tailgate. Maybe I’m dumb but what is this for?? I was cruising the threads over on the Half ton side and lots of guys have done the LED strip with no mention of this being in the way or needing to be removed can I simply take it off?? sorry for the upside down I’m on mobile don’t know why it did that and this bracket is on the left side of truck about 4” in from tail light edge The second picture shows it from the top side including the tailgate piece any insight is appreciated thanks!
  5. Good point but yes ,Ill hit my 800 kms / 500 mi by end of this week from commuting every day to work. We’re not going far at all this weekend either , about 15 mi from home just to put the camper through its paces to make sure were good for the year. Weekend after we’re headed a bit further for the may long weekend . No super long trips planned this year yet , nothing more than a few hundred kms one way so far
  6. A lot of high trim levels here so I thought I’d share my 2020 Custom. Had it a week and enjoying it thoroughly so far. Hooking it up to the camper and will be seeing what the 6.6 gasser can do!
  7. Here’s the new rig for those that are interested.
  8. Hey Guys its been a little over a year - and I have one season under my belt with the new travel trailer .. so here's where I'm at. I ended up tossing in a set of air lift air bags after the 3rd trip as the tongue weight even with weight distribution hitch was not enjoyable , truck had a-lot of squat. i opted for the cheap bags (no onboard compressor) and ran them between 40 and 50 psi when towing - and wow what a world of difference. the truck rode much firmer and felt much more in control. after a couple of trips into north western Ontario and some minor hills on those trips, plus some prairie highway hauls , i put around 4000 kms on with the new camper. all in all the power with the 5.3 was not amazing BUT very manageable. I did notice that at times you really felt the trailer behind you (sway , hard brake applications and just all around being outbalanced in truck to trailer weight) I started searching locally for a good low mileage 6.0L but with everything either being higher milage than I'd prefer or showing up to find out it had a hefty accident claim on it or just very visible body damage (bumpers bang up boxes etc) i felt my search was that of seeking a diamond in the rough. i ended up talking with my dealer who treats me very well - and after searching around i have just pulled the trigger on a 2020 2500 with the new 6.6 I sold my 1500 to a good friend - and i will miss that truck dearly. the 3/4 ton im going into is a "custom" trim level so it is very bare bones in comparison to my old 1500. but with some good lease rates and incentives in my area, plus this being my 3rd vehicle from this dealer in the last 8 years it was an offer that was almost too good to pass up. a 2 year lease gives me the time to really see if this is the best move for me. i've ordered and am outfitting it with some accessories and goodies of course - but i couldn't be happier - taking delivery this saturday and i will be sure to share my findings as they come with this new platform thanks again for all the advise, warnings and of course bounty of experiences you guys have shared with me. I defiantly had a-lot of it in my mind while my search was on, and i felt educated and able to make this decision with confidence because of it!
  9. Wow I really appreciate what you guys are bringing to me here. I’m still pretty stuck, as both have good pros and cons. The idea of the 6.2 needing premium fuel deffinatly turns me off of it , being in Canada we are generally getting killed at the pumps no matter what. Also the larger tank in the 3/4 ton is more desirable . I think I will need to drive and possibly tow with a 6.0 to weight out the power issue I am can’t get past. Does the 4.10 make that big of a difference to make up for almost 85 ft lbs? i deffinatly like the idea of the 3/4 ton, and the 6.0 is a pretty proven engine that would be easy to work on down the road. this upgrade if it goes through I would plan on keeping for the next 6-10 years (I say that now anyway) the once every year or two I would be towing long haul (1000+ kms each way) the rest of the time our trips are generally within a few hours of home (1-300 kms each way)
  10. I’ve pulled my old trailer with my old 5.3 in 60 mph head/ side wind and was confidently planted on the road , but holding 4K rpm to maintain 50 mph this was at flat grade the new trailer being bigger will deffinatly ace as a bigger sail to catch the wind with though when I watched the Ike gauntlet videos of the 6.0 and the 6.2 while the weight each truck was towing was different , the 6.0 was bagged right out near the top and loosing speed quickly while the 6.2 had no issue maintaining speed , while it did hunt a bit for gears it seemed to be less effected towing near max weight
  11. Yes the weight dist. Hitch I have is a good one rated for 10k lbs, and makes a big difference when we sold the old trailer we sold it private and to someone we know. I towed it the short trip (15 min up the highway) for them and went without the weight dist as we had emptied it out completely and it was a super short trip and it was a notible difference for sure. And I’m always shopping around to add the sway control bar as well. Tires do make a difference for the wiggle and bounce too. I had 10 ply tires on my 2011 1500 and noticed it right away going back to p rated on my 2015 I currently have. I think whatever I end up doing I will look to go load range c or e depending on tire selection
  12. I’d love to go a duramax but the cost is not going to be in my budget i see a lot of people commenting on the handeling capability of the 2500 being greater when I totally understand. I have never had a issue or white knuckle event with my old trailer being towed by my current truck, or my 2011 Silverado 5.3 my struggle is moreso the power (or lack there of) I feel with it i am leaning more toward the 6.2 as the power is there But I’d like to drive both to be sure my camping trips are generally within a couple 3 hours of home, but with a new truck we’d like to start venturing further from home , and that’s where I feel the power would benefit for long highway cruises , and some hills and mountains maybe i just want to be sure that this kind of financial “investment” if you will , will give me a notable difference over my current 5.3
  13. My dad has an all terrain 3/4 ton gasser and he loves it , I’ve driven it and its not beastly at all, my concern would be the cost side of it as the fuel economy would be far less , and I’m still stuck on the power numbers i guess
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